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Anyone who’s been in a serious car accident will never forget the experience. Whether it happens on a slick North Dakota highway in winter, or out of the blue on a perfect spring day, the consequences are often horrible. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you’ll want expert legal representation to make sure you get everything you have coming when you file a personal injury claim.

Sand Law attorneys will do just that. We can calculate how much your claim will be worth. And we’ll work passionately to make sure you obtain fair compensation for your injuries. Our track record speaks for itself. We have decades of experience among 0ur team. And we’ve helped a lot of clients get significant amounts of money.

We’ll do everything we possibly can to do the same for you. If you would like to learn more about us, or you’d like a free review of your case, just contact us online or give us a call at 701-609-1510.

Fargo Car Accident Injury Attorneys - Sand Law PLLC North Dakota Personal Injury Lawyers

Types of Car Accidents

Most people might think that a car accident is a car accident, but there are actually some significant differences between different kinds of collisions. Here are just a few.

  • Interstate accidents. These accidents are usually particularly devastating because they occur at such a high rate of speed. Of course, the faster vehicles are traveling, the more severe the injuries will typically be when those vehicles are involved in an accident. Tragically, interstate accidents are oftentimes fatal, whether they involve a single car or multiple vehicles.
  • Head-on collisions. Any kind of car accident can be frightening, of course, but when another car is barreling straight toward you, and you can’t do anything to get out of the way, there’s nothing more terrifying. Even when people are lucky enough to survive this type of accident, they are often left with injuries that debilitate them for the rest of their lives.
  • T-Bone accidents. When one vehicle slams into the side of another, the two vehicles typically form a “T” shape. That’s why side-impact collisions are also known as T-bone collisions. Most of the time, T-bone accidents take place at intersections, due to one of the drivers running a stop sign or a red light.

Causes of Car Accidents in Fargo, North Dakota

Just like there are many types of car wrecks, there are many reasons these wrecks happen. Three of the most common are reckless driving, speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving. The following is a closer look at each.

  • Reckless driving. Everybody gets frustrated behind the wheel at one time or another. But when someone takes their frustration too far, and lashes out as a result, this is known as reckless driving. It could involve cutting off another motorist trying to merge onto a freeway, or brake checking. This is where a driver hits their brakes suddenly because they feel the motorist behind them is following too closely.
  • Speeding. There are far too many times where a motorist will drive at an unsafe speed simply because they’re in a hurry to get home, or to get to some other destination. We don’t need to tell you how horrible the consequences of speeding can be.
  • Distracted driving. When a motorist is so attached to their smartphone that they cause an accident by texting or talking while behind the wheel, that’s a classic example of distracted driving. Even a momentary lapse of focus, due to changing a radio station, reaching for something in the passenger seat, or simply daydreaming while looking out the side window can lead to a terrible accident.
  • Drunk driving. Nothing is more devastating, however, than suffering a severe injury or losing a loved one due to a drunk motorist’s negligence. When someone drives impaired, they can’t react as quickly as normal, and they typically can’t concentrate. The result is, in far too many instances, fatal.

Who’s Liable for My Car Accident?

Most accident injury claims focus on one driver. That is, the one whose negligence resulted in the wreck. For example, it could be someone who committed one of the acts of negligence listed above.

However, sometimes there are multiple liable parties. These could include the manufacturer of a faulty part that failed, such as a poorly designed tire that blew out, or brakes that suddenly failed for no other reason.

A skilled attorney will know how to uncover the evidence needed to prove negligence, whether it’s a drunk driver, a negligent trucking company, or there is some other person or entity that shares liability. Your attorney will use that proof to make sure you recover your monetary losses. These losses are known as damages in legal terms.

Types of Injuries in a Car Accident

Most of the time, a car accident is nothing more than a minor fender-bender. There are often no injuries and only minimal property damage. Other times, a car wreck is devastating. And the effects can last a lifetime. These are just some of the different kinds of debilitating injuries car wrecks can cause:

Severe injuries not only result in an incredible amount of pain. But they can come with incredibly large medical bills and other expenses as well. This is yet another reason why you need a skilled attorney by your side. That attorney will do whatever they can to help you obtain compensation for not only your treatment, but your suffering and other damages as well.

What to do After a Car Accident

Hopefully, you’ll never have to experience a serious car accident. However, if you are in an auto accident, make sure that you and anyone else involved gets medical attention right away. Contact the police so they can send an officer out to prepare an accident report. And take pictures of the accident scene with your phone if possible. Collecting evidence of the scene is crucial to protecting your right to compensation.

Just as importantly, you’ll need to hire an experienced attorney as soon as you can. The faster you do so, the faster that attorney can investigate the accident and gather the evidence it will take to prove your case.

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