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Despite its pervasiveness, speeding is arguably one of the most dangerous driving behaviors. A reckless driver can cost you your physical health, financial stability, career, and much more. You should not have to bear the burden of another driver’s reckless choices.

If you believe that your injuries were caused by the negligence of a speeding driver, it is in your best interest to consult a reputable car accident lawyer to discuss your options for legal recourse. You may be able to recover the value of your losses in a Fargo auto accident lawsuit. Contact a Fargo speeding accident lawyer at Sand Law to schedule a free consultation. You can contact us online or call us at 701-609-1510. We look forward to helping you obtain a fair settlement that recognizes the full scope of your losses.

Fargo Speeding Car Accidents - Sand Law PLLC North Dakota Personal Injury Attorneys

Speeding is Dangerous and Illegal

Speed limits are implemented for a reason. When a road is constructed, engineers and other designers determine the safest maximum speed that cars can travel on that road based on a number of factors. When drivers choose to flaunt this law, serious injuries and extensive property damage can occur as a result of a North Dakota speeding car accident. In some cases, speeding drivers cause fatal auto accidents.

According to the National Safety Council, speeding was a factor in over a quarter of all fatal car accidents in 2020 nationwide. NSC data also shows that on average, 30 people a day die from car accidents involving speeding. In North Dakota, the rate of car accidents involving speeding was 5% higher than the national average. According to a report published by the North Dakota Department of Transportation, there was a car crash involving speeding and/or aggressive driving about every 3 hours in 2020. Perhaps the most frustrating part is that auto accidents like these are entirely preventable.

Why Fargo Drivers Speed

If speeding is so unsafe and against the law, why do drivers do it? Drivers may justify their speeding by claiming it was an isolated occasion, or they were only going a little bit over the speed limit. However, it only takes one serious auto accident to completely disrupt your life, leaving you with mountains of medical debt, a debilitating injury, and a compromised career path. Regardless, some drivers choose to speed. Drivers may break the speed limit because they are:

  • Running late
  • Impatient to reach their destination
  • Familiar with the road or overconfident
  • Experiencing road rage
  • Distracted or bored
  • Impaired by drugs or alcohol

How Speeding Causes Fargo Car Accidents

One of the most common causes of North Dakota car accidents is speeding. Driving too fast reduces your ability to slow down in time for traffic, swerve out of the way of road hazards, and generally have enough time to anticipate changing conditions.

For example, consider a pick-up truck traveling at 60 mph in a 40 mph zone. The traffic light in front of them turns from green to yellow, and the car in front of them begins to slow down. Even though the truck driver slams on the brakes, they are unable to avoid rear-ending the car in front of them. The driver of the car ends up in the hospital with facial fractures and a traumatic brain injury. A situation that could have been avoided completely at 40 mph has now become a serious auto accident with long-lasting implications for both drivers involved.

This is just one hypothetical scenario, but speeding drivers actually cause numerous devastating accidents across North Dakota every year. It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to avoid a collision if a deer wanders into the road, a motorcyclist turns out in front of you, or a car suddenly changes lanes, if you are speeding. Speeding on Fargo roads simply isn’t worth the risk of severe injuries, burdensome medical bills, a totaled car, and lost wages.

Car Accidents Due to High Speed are Often More Severe

Beyond the fact that speeding can increase the likelihood of a car accident occurring, when a speeding driver is involved in a car crash, the consequences are often more serious. This can be explained by simple physics. The force of the impact increases exponentially as speed increases.

In layman’s terms, the faster you are going, the harder the hit will be. That means that a speeding driver, their passengers, and other road users are at an increased risk of serious injury or even wrongful death. Even with a seatbelt and airbags, an enormous amount of force is still exerted on the human body in a car accident. Common examples of injuries in a Fargo speeding auto accident include:

The consequences of these injuries can involve invasive and painful treatments, and require you to take time off from work to recover. If you have experienced a catastrophic injury due to the actions of a speeding driver, you should consult a Fargo car accident lawyer who is familiar with the future medical costs you are likely to incur to make sure that you claim the full value of your losses in a speeding accident lawsuit.

How to Prove a Speeding Driver Caused Your Fargo Auto Accident

Your car accident attorney will be responsible for establishing the negligence of the driver who hit you. In order to be able to successfully claim that you are owed damages as the injured party, they must rely on evidence to prove that the speeding driver violated their duty of care, which resulted in the accident and your injuries.

North Dakota drivers have a responsibility to one another to follow all traffic laws and behave cautiously to avoid auto accidents. Speeding breaches that duty of care. A skilled auto accident attorney will rely on evidence such as traffic cameras, police reports, and accident reconstructions to demonstrate that this negligence occurred.

Your Fargo speeding accident lawyer may also ask you for any evidence you have to support the claim for damages, if you were able to collect any. After seeking medical attention, it is helpful if you are able to document the scene of the car accident. This includes asking witnesses for their contact information, taking pictures of your injuries and damage to your vehicle, and making notes about the scene.

Other Dangerous Driving Behaviors

Speeding is only one of several common dangerous driving behaviors that lead to serious Fargo auto accidents. Other examples of reckless driving behaviors include:

When drivers fail to abide by North Dakota traffic laws, the chances of a collision increase. Reckless driving habits can prove particularly devastating for vulnerable road users like bicyclists or pedestrians who have less protection in the event of a car crash. Dangerous driving behaviors can also be especially unsafe in certain places like school zones, and under less-than-ideal driving conditions like snow storms.

Contact an Experienced Fargo Auto Accident Attorney Today

You may be unsure what to do next after being injured in a Fargo speeding accident. The smartest choice you can make is to reach out to a trusted expert in North Dakota speeding accidents to manage your claim. Sand Law has guided countless injured clients through the personal injury claims process in or to recover maximum compensation for their damages. In many cases, our clients are happy to recommend us to their friends based on the results we were able to secure.

Our team isn’t intimidated by powerful insurance companies. We have the knowledge and resources to mount an effective claim for damages on your behalf and take your Fargo car accident lawsuit to trial to obtain compensation for those damages. You can count on us to support you while you focus on healing.

At Sand Law, we will take the time to listen to your individual needs and then determine the most strategic way to maximize your compensation. Reach out to our Fargo office at 701-609-1510 to request a free case review with one of your speeding car accident attorneys. You can also contact us online. Our team doesn’t accept a contingency fee unless we can successfully settle your Fargo speeding accident lawsuit, so give us a call today and start reclaiming your life.