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North Dakota Speeding Accidents

North Dakota Speeding Accidents - Sand Law PLLC

Speeding accidents in North Dakota, just like all types of car accidents, can have catastrophic consequences. If you’ve been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one due to an accident caused by speeding, get in touch with Sand Law for a free consultation. You can contact us online or call us at 701-609-1510.

North Dakota and National Speeding Statistics

More than 9,000 people lost their lives in 2018 due to automobile accidents caused by speeding, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The NHTSA analyzed accidents over the last 20 years and found that speeding was the cause of about one-third of all fatal crashes. It’s also the No. 3 contributing factor in vehicle wrecks in general.

While you might think that speeding-related car crashes happen most often on interstate highways, that’s not necessarily the case. According to the NHTSA, 40% actually occur on roads that have a speed limit of 50 MPH or less, while 20% happen on roads that have posted limits of 35MPH or less.

The numbers in North Dakota are a little better in terms of the percentage of fatal crashes caused by speeding. While the national percentage is about 33%, in North Dakota it’s typically closer to 25%. Here’s a look at the statistics from 2016-2020.

Year # of Fatal Crashes # of Fatal Speed-Related Crashes (Percentage)
2016 102 24 (24%)
2017 106 25 (24%)
2018 95 36 (38%)
2019 91 23 (25%)
2020 96 22 (23%)

But even if the numbers of fatalities are usually lower, even one death due to speeding is one too many. Also, speeding-related crashes can also lead to devastating, long-term injuries.

North Dakotans Speed for a Variety of Reasons

Most of the time, drivers will speed simply because they’re in a rush. They might be late for a meeting, or they may want to get home as fast as they can because they’ve had a bad day at the office.

But speeding for any reason is usually very selfish. Speeders simply have no concern for the safety of others on the road, or they think what they’re doing really isn’t that dangerous, because they know how to keep control of their vehicle. While that might usually be the case, however, it only takes one mistake to cause a potentially horrific crash. They could not be ready for the first snow of the season, for example, and could easily lose control when hitting a slick spot.

Even though the fines associated with speeding can be steep (not to mention the hike in their insurance costs), speeders continue to exhibit this reckless behavior on the roads.

Speed is Major Contributor to Accidents

There are a lot of ways that speeding can lead to an accident that could eventually spur a personal injury lawsuit. A driver might run a red light and plow into another vehicle, or won’t have enough time to slow down, causing a rear-end collision in the process.

A lot of speeding-related accidents occur due to drivers failing to yield the right-of-way. They’ll blast through an intersection with little regard for anyone else. When this happens, a driver obeying the law and making a turn could find it impossible to get out of the way of the approaching vehicle.

How to Prove the Other Driver Was Speeding

If you’ve been injured and want to obtain compensation, you’re going to need proof that you weren’t at fault for the accident – the fault lies with the driver who was speeding. The best way to obtain that proof will be to hire an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you can.

Why will fast action be so important? One of the biggest reasons is that your attorney will launch an investigation into the accident. Evidence at the scene can disappear quickly, due to factors such as road construction or weather. The sooner your attorney can get to that scene, the better the chances of finding the evidence you need to prove your case.

There are other ways a skilled attorney can work to prove the at-fault driver was speeding. These are just a few examples.

  • Finding video footage from nearby cameras that can show how the accident occurred.
  • Obtaining and reviewing the police report.
  • Working with reconstruction experts to piece together what happened based on the available evidence.
  • Inspecting the damage to the vehicles involved in the accident.

In many instances, there will be multiple parties that contributed to an accident other than the at-fault driver. If this is the case regarding your accident, then your attorney may be able to take action against these other parties and help you obtain more compensation.

Damages in a Speeding Accident Claim

Victims of car accidents caused by speeding drivers will typically incur losses. The legal term to describe losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, etc. is “damages.” Here are some of the more common damages that often arise due to an automobile accident.

  • Medical expenses. These include ambulance rides, surgical costs, hospital bills, doctor visits, physical therapy appointments and more.
  • Property damage. If your car was hit by a speeding vehicle, there’s a pretty good chance your insurance company has said it’s a total loss. You may be able to obtain compensation for a new vehicle.
  • Lost wages/future lost income. Not only do these include the wages you’re already losing because of the time you’ve missed from work, but any future earnings you may lose as well due to your injuries.

Why You Should Hire a Speeding Accident Lawyer

You’ve already had to endure enough stress after being injured in an accident caused by speeding. The last thing you need is to go through even more anxiety.

Attorneys help in many ways. They shield accident victims from insurance adjuster harassment, and know how to negotiate with insurance companies to obtain a fair settlement offer. As stated earlier, they also know how to uncover the evidence needed to prove their clients’ cases.

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