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Long-Term Disability After a Traumatic Brain Injury

28th February 2024

Long-Term Disability After a Traumatic Brain Injury - Sand Law PLLC North Dakota Personal Injury Attorney

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to a lifetime of debilitation, making even the most basic, everyday tasks seem impossible. It’s actually one of the more catastrophic injuries that a person can suffer, because it can completely rob them of their quality of life.

In many instances, people will suffer a TBI after an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, or something similar. Oftentimes, people are forced to endure decades of suffering because of someone else’s negligence. If this has happened to you or someone you love, you must take action in order to have any chance of obtaining the compensation to which you’re entitled.

The attorneys with Sand Law have a strong track record of success helping TBI victims and their families do just that. If you would like to learn more about how we may be of assistance to you, please use our online form or give us a call at 701-609-1510 for a free consultation.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A TBI will often stem from some sort of sudden, violent impact to the head. A person’s skull can strike a car dashboard or a side window after being involved in a collision. Or, someone can hit their head on a grocery store floor after slipping in an aisle.

There are some instances where a person suffers a TBI after an object penetrates the brain, such as a bullet or the blade of a knife. Even small pieces of bone from the skull can tear brain tissue.

What Kinds of Disabilities Are Caused by TBI?

In some cases, a person only suffers a mild TBI. And they eventually regain full functionality after a few days or weeks. But when a TBI is severe, the effects are typically long lasting. Victims may never return to normal.

A TBI can obviously have profound physical effects. But it can also have debilitating mental effects as well. Here’s a brief look at each.

Physical Disabilities After a TBI

When someone suffers a severe TBI, they can experience nerve damage so extensive they they’re unable to move. Even a moderate TBI can make it difficult for a victim to move the way they used to. Hand-eye coordination is often impacted to the point that a victim will often bump into walls or drop objects, such as a fork while trying to eat. The problem could get so bad they might not even be able to drive a car.

Many TBI victims suffer other cognitive issues as well. They may find it hard to comprehend what someone else is saying. Or they may have issues forming words. They may pause for extended periods of time when they talk because they can’t think of what they want to say. To make matters even worse, people often know they have this type of deficit but can’t do anything about it. This leads to an immense amount of completely understandable frustration.

Mental Disabilities After a TBI

The impact of a TBI on a person’s emotions can be just as devastating. The brain not only controls your physical movements but your emotions as well. People with a TBI will often suffer a great deal of intense depression. This can lead to a spiral that could irreparably damage their relationships. The mental aspects of a TBI can never be overlooked. They must always be taken into consideration when attempting to obtain compensation.

Proving Your Disability in Relation to the Accident

In any sort of personal injury case, the burden of proof will be on the victim, known as the plaintiff in legal terms. As the plaintiff, you’ll have to not only prove your TBI was a direct result of the accident, but also that you were the victim of negligence committed by another party.

That’s why it will be so critically important that you keep all medical records stemming from the treatment you’ve received for your TBI. Make sure, for instance, that you don’t throw away any bills, such as for your hospital stay, doctor visits, prescriptions and more. Also, you should keep all doctors’ notes you receive regarding the type of treatment you need.

This will go a long way toward helping to strengthen your case, and also toward helping you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Is Treatment for TBI-Related Disability Expensive, and Can I Receive Compensation?

Recovering from a catastrophic injury is often costly, and brain injuries are often on the higher end of the spectrum. It has been estimated that even a mild brain injury could cost nearly $90,000 to treat. If the TBI is severe, the costs could soar to a staggering $3 million over the victim’s lifetime.

If you can prove that your injury was the result of another’s negligence, you can definitely pursue compensation – as long as you have the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. This compensation will be in the form of “damages.” There are economic damages as well as non-economic damages.

Economic damages are the quantifiable, tangible expenses you’ve incurred because of the accident. These include not only medical bills, but also wages you’ve lost because you can’t work. Non-economic damages are more subjective. This includes things like compensation for the emotional issues you’ve experienced after your TBI, as well as pain and suffering.

There might even be a chance you could be awarded “punitive” damages should the case go to court. These are damages that are above and beyond economic and non-economic damages. They’re designed to punish the defendant for acting in a particularly egregious manner, such as drag racing or driving while intoxicated.

Hire a Catastrophic Injury Attorney Today

Unless you hire a qualified personal injury attorney, your chances of obtaining fair compensation will be extremely slim. An attorney can investigate the accident, gathering the evidence you need in order to prove your case. They can also negotiate with insurance companies for an equitable settlement. If the insurer refuses to settle for a fair amount, your attorney can fight for you in court.

Sand Law has a team of attorneys who will passionately fight on behalf of clients injured due to the negligence of others. Schedule a free consultation by giving us a call at 701-609-1510 or contacting us online.