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How to Find the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

3rd May 2024

Semi truck driving down the highway

Experience, transparency, responsiveness, and capability are some of the top qualities to look for in a North Dakota truck accident lawyer. 


  • Look for a lawyer with an understanding of trucking regulations and these motor vehicles’ features and with experience in handling truck accident cases similar to yours.
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask trucking accident attorneys about their success rates, communication style, representation fees, and case timelines before meeting with them for a free consultation.
  • Select the most experienced and successful truck accident lawyer who is willing and able to give you and your case the attention both deserve.

Driving alongside tractor-trailers can be particularly nerve-wracking for some motorists — and for a good reason. Occupants of smaller vehicles are much more vulnerable to devastating injuries in a North Dakota truck accident. If you were hurt or lost a loved one in a collision, you probably have questions about how to find the best truck accident lawyer for your case.

At Sand Law PLLC, we have consistently proven ourselves capable of maximizing compensation for clients injured in North Dakota truck accidents. Our specialized skills and commitment to our clients have helped us establish a reputation as powerful advocates. You can schedule a free consultation with us by calling (701) 394-3912 or filling out our contact form.

Look for a North Dakota Personal Injury Attorney With Experience Handling Truck Crash Cases Like Yours

Nowadays, there are many ways to find a North Dakota truck accident lawyer. You may have asked friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations or launched your own online research efforts. Note that semi-truck accidents differ from car accidents, so you can eliminate personal injury attorneys who don’t typically represent truck accident victims.

As you seek answers about how to find the best truck accident lawyer, your shortlist should comprise attorneys who speak of having significant experience handling trucking crashes similar to your own. Look for a North Dakota truck accident attorney who has handled claims involving comparable types of collisions and truck accident injuries.

If you’re seeking legal representation after suffering catastrophic injuries or losing a loved one in a crash with an 18-wheeler, it’s important to understand that these cases are particularly complex for some of the following reasons:

  • Truckers must abide by more state and federal laws than other motor vehicle operators have to, which makes determining fault for these crashes a bit more challenging.
  • It’s much more likely for there to be multiple liable parties for a truck wreck compared to a car crash.
  • There are unique features trucks like tractor-trailers have, including large blind spots, heavier weights, and thus longer brake distances, that make them more prone to becoming involved in motor vehicle accidents.

You’ll want to ensure your North Dakota accident injury lawyer is equipped to address the unique challenges of truck accident claims.

Schedule a Free Consultation and Meet With Each Truck Accident Lawyer You Identified

As you’re probably aware, the way someone is on paper and in person can be completely different. Thus, it’s extremely important to meet with any prospective trucking injury attorney you may consider hiring. As you seek answers about how to find the best truck accident lawyer, know that it’s common for personal injury attorneys like ours to offer free initial case reviews.

These consultations give accident victims and surviving family members of the deceased an opportunity to discuss what led up to their crash with an attorney. This is also an opportunity to learn if they have a pursuable case and, if so, what their legal options may be. These meetings also allow prospective clients to further discuss a lawyer’s expertise in handling truck-involved collisions.

What You Should Ask a Truck Accident Attorney During a Free Consultation

In addition to finding out if the North Dakota personal injury attorney you’re considering hiring to represent you in your truck collision case is experienced in handling similar cases to your own and if you have a valid claim, you may also want to inquire about:

  • Who you can expect to communicate with regarding your truck collision case (i.e., attorney or paralegal) and how often
  • How often the truck accident cases they take on result in a favorable resolution for their clients
  • Whether they’re typically able to reach out-of-court settlements in these cases or have to have to take them to trial
  • If there are any concerns about proving your case, perhaps because of something you previously said to an insurance adjuster, based on an accident report, or evidence you’ve shared with them
  • Whether they work closely with crash reconstructionists and medical experts, when necessary, to build strong cases
  • How long it takes to settle cases like yours, and how much to expect as compensation
  • What their fee structure is like

In terms of the latter point, most personal injury lawyers who represent truck accident injury victims take on cases on a contingency basis. What this means is that you don’t pay upfront for your North Dakota truck accident lawyer to represent you. Instead, they keep a pre-agreed-to portion of any settlement they recover on your behalf at the conclusion of your case.

Weigh Your Options and Narrow Down Your List of Injury Attorneys Who Can Help

Although the number of North Dakota truck accidents has decreased in recent years, that does not diminish the impact on the motorists who are involved in these collisions. You will need to be prepared to present a strong case for compensation, which means choosing the truck accident attorney who is best suited to your needs.

When evaluating the truck accident lawyers you met with, take into account the following factors when determining which one is best for your specific case:

  • Any specialized training and experience handling cases one trucking lawyer possesses compared to the next
  • How much bandwidth they appear to have to provide you and your case with the attention it deserves
  • One personal injury attorney candidate’s track record for securing settlements in trucking collision cases compared to another’s
  • The contingency fee percentage that makes the most sense based on the services your attorney promises to provide in your case

Once you’ve settled on who you would like to work on your case, reach out to them and let them know. You likely need to sign a fee agreement and other documentation so that your truck accident attorney can gather the evidence necessary to build a strong personal injury claim on your behalf.

Why Having a Truck Accident Lawyer Advocating for You Is Key for the Success of Your Case

National Safety Council data shows that an estimated 161,000 individuals suffered injuries in truck crashes in 2022. Another 5,936 people died in large truck crashes that year. Each truck accident victim has unique needs, which can be addressed with a truck accident settlement from the liable party or parties.

No settlement offer a North Dakota truck wreck attorney secures for you will make the catastrophic injuries you suffered disappear or a deceased loved one come back. However, taking time to carefully select the best truck accident attorney can help. They can build a strong case that commands maximum compensation and see your personal injury claim or lawsuit through to its conclusion.

If you are seeking a strong advocate who thoroughly understands laws surrounding trucking crashes and will leave no stone unturned in investigating your crash, identifying all potentially liable parties, and seeking fair and just compensation for what you’ve endured, a truck accident attorney in our office can help.

Contact Sand Law to Discuss Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

Our dedicated team is ready to help you explore the rights North Dakota laws afford truck injury victims like yourself. Schedule a free consultation with a Sand Law truck accident lawyer by calling (701) 394-3912 or filling out our contact form.

We urge you to write or call us as soon as possible, as the North Dakota statute of limitations applies in cases like this. Delaying making contact with us may impact our ability to build a strong case on your behalf and take legal action to recover compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of trucking accident cases does Sand Law handle?

We handle all types of wrecks involving trucks, including logging, tanker, dump, delivery, box, cement, car transport, etc., as well as 18-wheelers. Thus, consider reaching out to us to discuss your crash, no matter the type of truck involved.

What types of damages can I recover by filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit after a truck collision?

Crash victims or their surviving loved ones can generally request compensation for various personal injury damages. This can include medical bills, property damage, lost wages, funeral costs, and other accident-related losses by filing a personal injury case or wrongful death action.

Does a lawyer need specialized training to help with a truck crash case?

Truck accident attorneys who successfully pass an exam can receive National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) certification. While this designation shows competency in this area of the law, it’s not critically necessary for legal counsel to have to aid you in pursuing a trucking accident case.