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Types of Truck Accidents

18th November 2022

There are several different types of truck accidents, but they all have two things in common. They happen far too often, and they result in severe injuries and deaths far too often as well. North Dakota is actually one of the worst states in the nation for commercial track accident deaths, ranking No. 12. As of September 2022, nearly 25% of all fatal crashes (94) in the state involved a commercial vehicle – up from 9.5% at the same time in 2021.

The size difference between truck and passenger cars makes accidents even more dangerous than when two cars hit each other. The injuries are typically worse, and there’s a higher risk of death. Trucking company insurance policies are often worth $1 million or more as a result.

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The following is a look at some of the most common types of truck accidents that occur, along with information on why they can be so devastating.


You’ve no doubt heard of a truck jackknife accident before. This occurs when a component known as a coupling device fails. This is the part that attaches the trailer to the cab. It’s designed to keep the trailer secured yet also allow the truck to be able to turn.

When the device malfunctions, the trailer will swing out far too wide. The resulting shape looks somewhat like a jackknife that has been opened – that’s how the accident gets its name. A jackknife accident will cause the driver to lose control in the vast majority of instances, and the truck will destroy anything in its path as a result. This will often lead to catastrophic injuries and deaths.


A rollover is exactly what the name implies – the truck rolls over on its side, oftentimes damaging or destroying several other vehicles at the same time. It’s one of the most dangerous, destructive types of truck accidents that occur. Icy, slick roads in the wintertime can contribute to rollovers, but there are other reasons as well.

One of the most common is speeding. When a truck driver goes too fast, it’s far more difficult to react to road conditions that can suddenly change. If the driver has to slam on the brakes, they can lose control, leading to the truck rolling over. Newer drivers may not be as familiar with their routes and may be surprised by a sharp curve, resulting in a rollover as well.


This is yet another kind of incredibly destructive truck accident, one that often results in the deaths of drivers and passengers in four-wheel vehicles.

A T-bone accident is so named because one vehicle slams into the side of the other, with the two of them forming a shape that looks like the letter “T.” The driver of the truck may be distracted or fatigued and run a red light or a stop sign. Slamming into the other vehicle that is in the middle of the intersection.

Lost Load

Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and be very complex to operate. If something suddenly happens to the load, the truck is transporting, that can cause an immediate loss of control – with disastrous results.

This issue will typically occur due to the negligence of those responsible for loading the cargo. Trucking companies will often outsource this job to another company. If those loading the truck aren’t extremely careful, the load can come loose inside the trailer. This leads to a sudden weight shift, making it nearly impossible for the driver to stay on the road. A cargo shift can result in a rollover, a jackknife, or even chemical explosion.

But flatbed trucks can be just as vulnerable to a lost load accident. If they aren’t loaded properly and the cargo comes loose, every motorist behind the truck will be in danger.

Anyone injured in a lost load accident may be able to file lawsuits against not only the driver but also the trucking company and, if applicable, the company that loaded the cargo as well. An experienced truck accident attorney can investigate the accident, determining who is to blame so that accidents can get the money they deserve and force the negligent parties to face accountability.


Both of these types of truck accidents can be immediately fatal to the occupants of a passenger car.

An underride accident occurs when a car hits the back of a truck. Even though federal law requires all trucks to carry underride guards, many of them don’t. When a car slams into the back, the top will almost always be sheared completely off.

An override collision can be just as terrible. This is the opposite of an underride accident, where the truck rides over the passenger vehicle. Anyone in the back of that vehicle will likely be killed instantly because the car will be crushed.

Tire Blowout

It’s dangerous enough traveling at highway speed in a car with bald or underinflated tires. When a semi-truck’s tires have issues, a blowout can have horrible consequences. There are some instances where the manufacturer is to blame for producing a defective tire. In others, the trucking company and driver may face liability because they failed to properly inspect the tires and replace them when necessary. This is another case where accident victims may be able to pursue compensation from multiple parties.

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