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Since it’s one of the most dangerous professions on the planet, it’s no wonder that construction accidents can have devastating – even deadly – consequences. Whether a person is building an office complex or working on a road construction project, they have to deal with incredible risks on a daily basis.

Where do you turn if you’ve been severely injured in a construction accident and you’re having trouble getting the compensation to which you’re entitled? Your first move should be to get in touch with Sand Law. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in this area of the law. And we’ve helped many workers get the money they deserve. We may be able to do the same for you.

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Construction Site Accident Statistics

Sand Law PLLC Fargo North Dakota Construction Site Accident Workplace Personal Injury Statistics Causes of Work Related Fatalities 2019 Graph

Hundreds of workers die in construction accidents each year by various causes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 991 workers died in construction work-related accidents. Of these 991 fatalities, the following four causes are the most common:

  • Falls: 401 fatalities
  • Incidents where workers were struck by objects: 170 fatalities
  • Electrocution: 79 fatalities
  • Crushing by being caught in/between machinery: 59 fatalities

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Again, the risks construction workers face every day they’re on the job are almost impossible to comprehend for someone who isn’t in the profession. These are just a few of the more common ones.

  • Falls. Not only do falls account for the highest percentage of workplace accident fatalities, they’re also the most common form of workplace accident. They will typically occur when a worker falls from a roof, a ladder, scaffolding or some other elevated area. While safety equipment can sometimes mitigate the severity of a fall-related injury, most of the time there is no sort of safety net that can be provided.
  • Accidents involving machinery. Just about every machine used on a construction site is dangerous in one way or another. While workers typically undergo intensive training on the safe operation of machinery, mistakes can still happen, leading to horrific accidents.
  • Vehicle accidents. As you well know, street and highway construction can seem to be a never-ending occurrence in a larger city such as Fargo. Traffic sometimes has to be diverted but not all motorists comply. Truck drivers on deadlines, or impatient motorists, will sometimes ignore detours and plow into workers.
  • Slips. Try as they may to keep a construction site well organized, it’s almost impossible to keep it completely clear of obstructions. Workers constantly deal with tripping or slipping hazards, and often suffer severe injuries when they can’t avoid them.
  • Electrocution. Many types of construction projects will often take place near dangerous power lines, or other sources of electricity. Even though the vast majority of companies and workers follow the proper safety precautions, electrocutions still occur.

Construction Site Accident Injuries

As you can tell, construction site accidents can lead to terrible, life-altering injuries. These include the following:

Who’s Liable for Injuries at a Construction Site?

These kinds of injuries can obviously lead to permanent disabilities, endangering the financial future of not only the victim, but the victim’s family as well. There are several potential parties that could share responsibility for an accident that results in a severe injury. Here are just a few.

  • The owner of the site. This person is supposed to have control over every facet of a construction project. When an accident occurs that could have been prevented, that owner could be held responsible.
  • Contractors. There are many instances where both general contractors and subcontractors will perform work on a construction site. They have a legal duty to make sure working conditions are safe. When they fail in that duty, they may also face liability for an accident.
  • Manufacturers. If an accident occurs because a product was either negligently manufactured or designed, the company responsible for that faulty piece of equipment could also be liable.

Personal Injury Claims and Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ comp can be an extremely complicated situation – as you might already know first-hand. The NDWSI (North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance) is a state-run fund that administers compensation for all injuries suffered in workplace accidents. The way this system works is what can sometimes make claims very complex.

The fund is designed to make it easy for injured workers to get their money fast. In many instances, it does just that. In others, however, the NDWSI comes up short. The fund is supposed to provide coverage for medical treatment that is considered to be “reasonable and necessary.”

If someone suffers a relatively minor injury, one that only requires them to miss work for a few days, the system usually works pretty well. When a severe injury occurs, however, one that will keep the worker from ever being able to return to their previous job, the opposite is true. It can be a frustrating, stress-filled experience for an accident victim.

Even if a worker can go back to their employer, they may not be able to go back to their original position due to their injury. They might have to move to a lower-paying position, losing a great deal of earning potential in the process. NDWSI will often cut off benefits long before the worker has received proper compensation.

One potential remedy in this situation is to consult an attorney to see if a lawsuit could be filed against a third party that contributed to the accident. Examples include the subcontractors or manufacturers mentioned in the previous section.

The Emotional Toll of Construction Site Accidents

Beyond the immediate physical injuries, construction site accidents can have profound emotional and psychological effects on workers. The trauma of an accident can lead to anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. Workers might also experience a fear of returning to the site or operating certain machinery.

Recognizing and addressing these emotional scars is crucial for the holistic recovery of the injured worker. Support groups, counseling, and therapy can be beneficial in navigating these emotional challenges.

How to File a Personal Injury Claim Against Your Workplace

There is also the possibility that your employer committed gross negligence, meaning they were so blatant in their disregard for workplace safety that a horrible accident was almost inevitable. There are also steps you can take if your workers’ compensation claim is denied. Again, you’ll need to work with an attorney to have the best possible chance of succeeding.

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