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Scouts hold mock trial at McKenzie ‘trailer court’

20th March 2017 | Sand Law, PLLC

On Oct. 21, more than 30 Watford City Cub Scouts from Pack 382 participated in the Cub Scouts Law Night presented by the McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office. McKenzie County State’s Attorney Jake Rodenbiker, Assistant State’s Attorney Chas Neff, Attorney William Sand and Northwest Judicial District Judge Robin Schmidt helped out.

After a tour of the law enforcement center, a mock trial was held with a Scout from each Den participating alongside the arresting officer, judge, state’s attorney and defense attorney. One Webelo, Bear, Wolf, and Tiger Scout were chosen to play a part in the trial, and the remaining Scouts were given Jury Duty.

Cub Scout Master Stephanie Blegen said that the Scouts and parents were pleased with the participation of a real judge, state’s attorney and assistant state’s attorney. Many of the parents felt it left a positive impression on the kids, and some were happy to hear their Scouts say, “I never want to go to jail”

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