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Does Car Insurance Cover Wrongful Death - Sand Law PLLC Does Car Insurance Cover Wrongful Death?

27th November 2023

Summary: Automobile insurance may cover some of the expenses associated with a wrongful death, but probably not all of them. Different types of insurance policies may come into play in a wrongful death case. Several factors will determine if insurance coverage will cover wrongful death damages. Hiring an attorney will provide your best chance of… Read more »

Are Electric Cars More Dangerous in a Crash?

14th November 2023

Many people considering an electric vehicle wonder if they’re more dangerous than a gas-powered car in the event of an accident. While EVs have sophisticated safety features, their batteries pose a significant explosion risk. EVs pose a higher risk for accidents because their rapid acceleration can surprise drivers. Certain insurance and liability considerations are specific… Read more »

What is a Class C Felony?

9th November 2023

A Class C felony is an offense the law considers more severe than a misdemeanor yet not as serious as other felonies. Examples include possession of a small amount of an illegal drug, minor forms of assault, and others. Punishments for different types of Class C offenses can vary significantly. A conviction can cause significant… Read more »

Truck Accident Statistics How Common are Truck Accidents - Sand Law PLLC - North Dakota Personal Injury Attorney Truck Accident Statistics: How Common are Truck Accidents?

2nd November 2023

Truck accident statistics have recently decreased, but these horrible accidents still occur too often. There are several reasons why truck accidents occur, including fatigued drivers, drivers under the influence, and many others. Trucking companies also contribute to accidents through many different forms of negligence. The injuries resulting from a truck accident can be debilitating, robbing… Read more »

Dealing with PTSD From Car Accident in Fargo 

31st October 2023

It’s critical you know that PTSD is common after car accidents. Millions of people experience the same thing after being in a wreck. If you recognize the symptoms of PTSD, seeking help immediately can go a long way toward helping you find relief. Support groups and self-care can help you cope with PTSD. An experienced… Read more »

The Complications of Fargo Crushing Injuries

27th October 2023

Fargo crushing injuries can result from nearly any kind of personal injury accident, but car wrecks and workplace accidents are two of the most common causes. Crush syndrome often results in the release of deadly toxins into the bloodstream. Not only are crush injuries severe, but they’re also extremely expensive to treat. Crush injury victims… Read more »

The Science of Breathalyzers in North Dakota

6th October 2023

Breathalyzers play a critical role in DUI (driving under the influence) cases in Fargo, North Dakota, and across the United States. Manufacturers design these devices to measure a driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) from their breath. Understanding the science behind breathalyzers is crucial because it can affect legal outcomes, ensuring fairness in the justice system…. Read more »