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Holiday DUI Statistics + Steps to Take if You’re Arrested

4th November 2022

As you might expect, holiday DUI statistics don’t paint a pretty picture. A lot of people who usually don’t touch alcohol decide to imbibe a little bit this time of year. Not only does this put other motorists at risk, but it also puts drivers at risk of being pulled over. People might not realize just how serious DUI penalties are in North Dakota.

The following is a look at some of the more surprising DUI statistics, as well as information on what to do if you should find yourself arrested for the crime this holiday season. If that should happen, the DUI defense attorneys with Sand Law may be able to help. We’re extremely familiar with DUI laws in North Dakota, and we’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

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140 Fatal Crashes Occurred on Christmas in 2019

Of all the holiday DUI statistics, this could very well be the worst. It’s bad enough to lose a loved one, but to lose them due to an accident caused by a drunk driver – on Christmas Day, of all days – is tragic.

29% of Fatal Crashes in December Involve Drunk Drivers

It’s not very hard to believe this stat since more people are typically consuming alcohol in December than in most other months of the year. They have more occasions to do so, such as holiday parties with friends and family, as well as office parties.

1 in 222 Licensed Drivers Will be Arrested for Drunk Driving in Their Lifetime

As prevalent as drunk driving is in the U.S., you might have thought that 1 in 22 people with a driver’s license would have a DUI arrest, not 1 in 222. Still, when you think of the fact that there are about 230 million licensed drivers in our country, the number of drivers arrested is still much too high. This doesn’t even take into account how many people drive while impaired and are fortunate enough not to be pulled over.

Most Americans Don’t Recognize Their Binge Drinking Habits

It’s pretty scary how many people have what experts would consider a drinking problem yet have no idea they fall into this category. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) classifies “binge drinking” according to gender. When a man has five or more drinks in two hours or less, or a woman has four or more alcoholic beverages during that time, they’re considered to be binging.

25% of Adults Admit They Drink More During the Holidays

This is another statistic that’s really not that surprising, considering the aforementioned holiday get-togethers.

What is surprising, however, is what a lot of people think about consuming alcohol during parties. According to an NIAAA survey, nearly half of respondents believe there’s nothing wrong with having three or more drinks. As long as the person doesn’t drive and is able to, as the survey stated, “hold their liquor.”

91 Million Americans Take Road Trips Between Dec. 23rd and Jan. 1st

The majority of Americans are off from work during the holidays, but plenty of them are still hitting the highway. But it’s a little scary to consider how many of them might be impaired at some point during their trip.

Steps to Take if You’re Arrested Around the Holidays

Nothing will ruin your holiday season more than being arrested for a DUI. If it should happen to you, however, you’re going to need to try and keep calm and take the following steps.

  •  Get an attorney ASAP – This is going to be the most important thing you can do. It will be your only chance of possibly escaping the worst punishment possible. No attorney worth your consideration will ever make any promises, so if any of the ones you speak with do this, scratch them off of your list immediately. But a skilled attorney may be able to either have your charges reduced or possibly have them thrown out completely.
  • Organize, organize, organize – This is really going to be important if you want the best possible result in your case. Keep detailed notes of the arrest, making sure you write down whether or not you were read your rights or if the officer searched your car without permission. Get the receipts if you were at a bar, and keep all text messages you sent or received, as well as any pictures you took that evening.
  • Keep quiet – Don’t discuss your arrest with anyone – not your friends, your family, or anyone else except your attorney. Definitely don’t post anything on your social media feeds. The reason is that anything you say or post will be held against you.

How a DUI Attorney Can Help If…

Just as important is to realize that an arrest doesn’t mean a conviction. Just because you’ve been arrested, that doesn’t mean you’ll ultimately be found guilty. Whether you’ve been wrongfully arrested or you were indeed inebriated when you were pulled over, there are several things your attorney can do on your behalf.

…You’ve Been Wrongfully Arrested

There’s a chance your attorney could have your case thrown out of court if you were stopped illegally. If you weren’t weaving, you didn’t run a stop sign or a red light, or there was no other reason for the officer to pull you over, there might not have been legal grounds for your stop. Also, your breathalyzer test might have been inaccurate. You could have tested positive because of a medication you took or even the type of food you ate.

…You Were Drunk Driving

Even if you were drunk when arrested, there is still a possibility that your charges could be dropped. You could have been sitting in your car with no intention of driving. The officer may have failed to read your Miranda rights. As mentioned earlier, the police could have illegally searched your vehicle.

Contact Sand Law ASAP if You’re Arrested for Driving Under the Influence this Holiday Season

The best thing to do, of course, will be to avoid driving after you’ve had alcohol – even if you think you’re perfectly fine to operate your vehicle. But if you are pulled over and ultimately charged with a DUI, don’t automatically think the worst. Contact Sand Law online or call 701-609-1510 to learn more about how our skilled DUI attorneys may be able to help.