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What You Need to Know About DUI/DWI Laws North Dakota

31st March 2020

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Important North Dakota DUI Laws

If you or someone you know is currently charged with a DUI/DWI offense in North Dakota, you may feel overwhelmed by the situation. DUI/DWI charges carry harsh penalties throughout the U.S. Many of which are life-changing results for the offending party.

Finding a criminal defense attorney with experience in DUI/DWI cases is crucial. And for the best result, finding a firm with attorneys that specialize in that particular field is a huge boon to the defense you will undoubtedly need.

DUI/DWI Laws In North Dakota

North Dakota is in line with the national average of about 40% of automobile-related deaths including alcohol as a factor for one or more parties involved. This means the justice system is particularly invested in providing stiff penalties for those involved in these accidents.

The state standards for blood alcohol level are .08%. This number has nothing to do with how you might feel behind the wheel. It is an isolated measure of alcohol in your blood that correlates to your weight and comes from aggregated data on the point at which most people are unsafe drivers.

That means that not everybody who passes that hard limit thinks they had too much to drink. Especially those attuned to drinking larger amounts of alcohol fairly regularly. Legally, the distinction does not matter.

In North Dakota, obtaining a license counts as implied consent to have your blood alcohol level tested on demand by police. This can be either a breathalyzer or an actual blood test, at the discretion of law enforcement.

You can refuse the test. However, under North Dakota law that automatically leads to your license being revoked for a year the first time you decline. The second decline in a 5-year span, you will receive a 3-year suspension. And for a third test decline, a four-year suspension.

Blood/Alcohol Levels and Associated Penalties

North Dakota has a tiered system of minimum penalties for blood alcohol levels. For a first offense, there is a minimum fine of $500 for driving under the influence, regardless of blood/alcohol level.

There are special automatic penalties for blood/alcohol levels that lie in the .08-.17% range. Your license will be suspended for 91 days, with the ability to petition for limited driving privileges after 30 days.

If your first offense is paired with a blood/alcohol level over .17%, this is considered definitive negligence and carries an extra automatic penalty. That is a minimum 180 day suspension of your driver’s license.

Repeated offenses add larger penalties. A fourth offense requires a mandatory minimum 1-year sentence in prison. This offense also counts as a class C felony and carries a fine.

For any of these offenses, points are added to your state driving record. And auto insurance costs are guaranteed to rise.

Always Seek the Best Defense

For those accused of DUI/DWI offenses, the court is generally stacked against them. The large number of deaths resulting from similar cases mean clients without a solid defense prepared will likely receive heavy penalties, not necessarily the minimums mentioned above.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI/DWI offense, seek specialized representation as soon as possible. Your defense attorney will advise you on everything you can do to help your case before setting foot in the courtroom, as well as examine all available evidence to find anything to leverage on your behalf.

With license suspension essentially the minimum for most DUI/DWI offenses, solid representation is your best chance at successfully petitioning for limited driving privileges after 30 days of your suspension window. This is still not ideal. But it’s far better than a complete suspension. Additionally, it’s a hard case to make without legal advisement.

What to Do When Arrested for a DUI

The first thing that you should do when charged with DUI is seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney. Law enforcement are skilled at putting those arrested at ease to gather as much incriminating information as possible. First thing you should always do is ask to contact a lawyer. It’s important to remember that law enforcement records of everything you do can be used to build a case. However, details about your arrest can potentially be used to defend you as well. Record as many details as you can. For example, what the officer said, why you were pulled over, etc.

Consider Sand Law as Your North Dakota Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you or a loved one have been charged with DUI, don’t hesitate to contact Sand Law. Our attorneys specialize in representing North Dakota criminal cases. We not only handle DUI offenses but a variety of other criminal cases as well. Including assault and battery, controlled substances violations, burglary, and arson. DUI penalties can be severe in the state of North Dakota. And cases involving these kinds of charges require the assistance of an expert attorney that can provide you with skilled legal counsel. Our attorneys have a long track record of successfully representing clients in cases involving a number of different felonies and misdemeanors to positive results.

Don’t hesitate to mount the best defense, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your case. Servicing Watford City, Williston, Minot, and Bismark, Sand Law is the best choice for clients in need of a DUI/DWI defense. Here at Sand Law North Dakota, we offer a free consultation to evaluate your situation and come up with a unique approach. Contact us online or call us at 701-609-1510.