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Williston Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys - Sand Law PLLC - North Dakota

Helping Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries Recover Compensation for their Injuries

All different types of accidents can result in many different types of injuries. Some of these injuries can be quite severe and one of the most serious injuries we see at Sand Law PLLC are traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs. A traumatic brain injury is defined as any trauma to the head that causes the brain to not function normally, either temporarily or permanently. Sand Law’s TBI lawyers know that for TBI victims, a head injury is a lot more than a simple definition. They are extremely disruptive, painful, and debilitating; which is why we are passionate about helping North Dakotans get the compensation they need after a TBI caused by negligence.

If you’ve suffered a TBI or serious head injury in North Dakota due to another’s negligence, contact the experienced TBI lawyers at Sand Law PLLC today by calling 701-609-1510 for a free consultation.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury (commonly abbreviated, TBI) is defined as damage to the brain caused a hit or blow to the head. Commonly brain injuries occur during car crashes, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and sports injuries.

A TBI can be something more common, like a mild concussion, all the way to severe permanent brain damage that has serious consequences and may even result in death. Depending on the type and severity of brain injury, one may find themself on bedrest or being rushed in life-saving surgery.

Brain injuries can lead to physical disabilities, and emotional problems, cognitive delays, loss of abilities, and changes in emotions and personality.

No matter what the cause or severity of a TBI, one thing is for sure. If you suffer a brain or head injury, you will have serious medical bills, lost wages, and all kinds of other costs that will put a financial strain on you and your family.

If you suffered a TBI due to another’s negligence, you do not have to take on these costs by yourself. If your brain injury occurred in North Dakota, contact the experienced brain injury attorneys at Sand Law PLLC. We are here to help!

Common Causes of TBIs

TBIs commonly occur during:

  • Car accidents,
  • Motorcycle accidents,
  • Bicycle accidents,
  • Pedestrian accidents,
  • Dog bites,
  • Oil field injuries,
  • Slip and falls,
  • Any other type of accident where the head is involved.

Every victim has different reactions to a TBI, including physical pain, sensory issues, or cognitive disabilities. These symptoms can last a few week, a few years, or for a lifetime. Clearly, brain injuries are one of the most serious injuries someone can suffer, since the brain controls everything.

To understand TBIs, it will help to understand how medical professionals often classify them.

Classifying a TBI: Mild, Moderate, and Severe

TBIs are classified by medical professionals as mild, moderate, and severe. These terms, however, can be misleading since a “mild” TBI can still have serious repercussions on one’s life.

According to Northeastern University, the classifications for TBIs are based on the following symptoms:

Mild TBI

  • Brief loss of consciousness (few seconds or minutes)
  • Post-traumatic amnesia for less than 1 hour
  • Normal brain imaging results

Moderate TBI

  • Loss of consciousness for 1 to 24 hours
  • Post-traumatic amnesia for 1 to 24 hours
  • Abnormal brain imaging results

Severe TBI

  • Loss of consciousness or coma for more than a 24 hour period
  • Post-traumatic amnesia for more than 24 hours after the TBI
  • Abnormal brain imaging results

What are the Signs and Symptoms of a TBI?

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, symptoms of a traumatic brain injury often include:

  • Loss of consciousness (knocked out)
  • Headaches
  • Confusions
  • Dizziness
  • Disruption of vision
  • Disruption of hearing or ringing in ears
  • Tiredness
  • Disruption in sleep
  • Behavioral or mood changes
  • Trouble with memory, concentration, and thinking.

These symptoms may be experienced with a mild TBI, but they may also be experienced with moderate or severe TBIs, just with enhanced symptoms. This might mean that instead of occasional headaches, the TBI victim suffers from constant headaches.

Different Ways TBIs Can Occur

The damages caused by head injuries, and the resulting TBI, can be caused by different situations, like: 

  • an object hitting your head during a construction accident, 
  • hitting your head on an object in your car, like your dashboard,
  • your head whipping forward, like whiplash, causing your brain to hit your skull,
  • something passing through the skull and piercing the brain, like scrap metal in a car accident. 

What should I do if suffered a TBI due to another’s negligence?

The first thing you should do is seek medical attention right away. The brain is an extremely sensitive and important organ; any injury to your head or brain should be treated seriously. Explain all your symptoms to your healthcare professional and agree to any and all testing. 

Your doctor may bring in a specialist to assess your physical injuries, brain and nerve functioning, and level of consciousness. 

Once you have ensured that you medical needs are taken care of, consider contacting an experienced Traumatic Brain Injury attorneys in North Dakota. TBI cases are complicated and require extensive resources to get proper compensation for current damages and future damages that may arise. 

Be sure to keep all your records, medical bills, gather witnesses, and keep track of any changes in your symptoms. It is also important to consider which people in your life could testify to changes in your behavior, memory, or mood, like a spouse or parent. 

TBIs are serious, but they are also an “invisible” injury so proving the injury and the damages it has caused will require the expertise of a serious personal injury legal team.

Contacting an Experienced Williston TBI Attorney

Sand Law protects clients in Williston, Williams County, and across North Dakota who have suffered a TBI due to an accident caused by another’s negligence. Our team of experienced and dedicated TBI attorneys are skilled at helping traumatic brain injury victims get the compensation they deserve, even the injury cannot be “seen” by the insurance company or jurors. 

Our offices are conveniently located in Watford City, Minot, Williston, and Bismarck to serve all of North Dakota. Contact Sand Law today to schedule your free consultation by calling (701) 609-1510 or by filling our our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you.