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5 Oilfield Accident Facts You Should Know

18th February 2024

5 Oilfield Accident Facts You Should Know - Sand Law PLLC - Fargo Minot North Dakota Personal Injury Workplace Construction Site Accident Attorneys

When most people think of dangerous occupations, construction work is probably one of the first that comes to mind. But oilfield work is just as risky, if not more. Companies are trying to squeeze even more profits out of their workers. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on workers in the process. Just one tiny lapse of focus can have terrible consequences.

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The following are five things that most people probably don’t know about the dangers associated with working in an oilfield.

1. Oil is One of the Most Dangerous Industries to Work In

The dangers inherent in an oilfield simply can’t be overstated. Not only is the work incredibly demanding, workers are constantly surrounded by risks. These include chemicals, moving trucks, heavy machinery and man, many others.

To make matters even worse, oilfield workers typically have to work long hours for several days at a time. This can make them extremely fatigued, and prone to making mistakes due to a lack of focus. Oil companies are constantly asking for more effort, and this can result in disaster. There is always a risk for a fire, an explosion, an equipment malfunction, or some other problem that can result in a severe injury or even a fatality.

2. There are Between 50 and 100 Deaths in Oilfields Every Year

Oilfield accidents have tragic outcomes far too often. It’s estimated that workers in the oil and gas industry die at a rate seven times higher than that of any other industry.

These are just a few of the different types of accidents that can be deadly.

  • Explosions and fires. Anyone who has worked for any length of time in an oilfield has probably been near an explosion. Drilling can cause an explosion that can result in a huge fire, as can something seemingly safe, such as welding.
  • Accidents involving equipment. Of course, oilfields are extremely busy places, with machinery that is constantly in motion. Whenever a piece of equipment strikes a worker, it doesn’t take much creativity to imagine how bad the results can be.
  • Falls. This is probably the most common accident that occurs in an oilfield. A combination of equipment and chemicals can create an environment that’s very hard to navigate. This makes it almost inevitable that a fall is going to occur.

3. Oilfield Injuries Can Cause Long-Term Damage

An oilfield accident can lead to a lifetime of pain and permanent disability. These are just a few of the injuries that occur on a regular basis.

  • Burns. When you consider how many flammable materials are present in an oilfield, it’s not hard to believe the burns are among the most common injuries that workers suffer.
  • Back and neck injuries. Oilfield workers aren’t only exposed to a wide range of dangers, they also have to carry around heavy tools on a regular basis. Lifting these tools without using the proper technique can result in a potentially devastating back injury.
  • Head injuries. These can still take place, even though workers wear protective headgear. Concussions and other types of brain injuries can occur due a fall or being hit by a piece of equipment.

4. Fatalities and Injuries are Often the Fault of Employers

Considering the conditions oilfield workers have to endure, it’s no wonder they are severely injured or killed so often. Employers must comply with all safety regulations, and do whatever they can to make sure an oilfield is as safe as it can be. They must provide properly functioning equipment, and they must also train their workers on how to use that equipment in the safest manner possible.

Unfortunately, some companies are so laser-focused on maximizing profits that they purchase cheap, unsafe equipment, or they neglect proper training. If this contributes to an accident that leads to an injury or death, that employer may face liability in addition to any worker’s compensation claims that the injured employee may deserve.

Suppose an accident occurs due to an equipment failure. If it can be proven that failure was due to a manufacturer’s defect, then the company that made that piece of equipment could be held liable as well. If a vehicle driven by an employee who works for another company causes an accident, that company could face third-party liability.

5. Oilfield Accidents May Cause Multiple Injuries or Fatalities

As bad as an oilfield accident that hurts a single worker can be, it’s even worse when an accident hurts or kills multiple employees. The devastation those workers – as well as the family members of those tragically killed – face is almost indescribable. If you were injured on the job, make sure to follow these steps after an oil field accident to increase the likelihood that you can recover fair compensation.

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The hard truth is that, while you would think most employers would do everything they can for their injured workers, this often isn’t the case at all. Money-hungry companies – as well as their insurance companies – will many times do whatever they can to pay as little as they possibly can. Incredibly, workers will even be denied any kind of compensation at all.

If you’re having trouble obtaining full and fair compensation for your oilfield injury, get in touch with the attorneys with Sand Law as soon as you can. We will perform a thorough investigation into your accident, gathering the evidence needed in order to help you get the money you deserve.

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