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North Dakota Rollover Accidents

North Dakota Rollover Accidents

While we’d love to live in a world where there were zero car accidents, the fact is they continue to occur far too often. One of the worst types of vehicle accidents is a rollover. With the popularity of SUVs, rollover accidents are always a threat. But while most people may think SUV drivers are always to blame because they’re driving too fast, there are plenty of instances where someone else is to blame.

The attorneys with Sand Law will be ready to help if you’ve suffered an injury in a rollover accident that wasn’t your fault. We’ll walk you through everything to expect throughout the duration of your case, and work to make sure your rights are protected at every turn.

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Contributing Factors to North Dakota Rollover Accidents

There are a lot of different types of car accidents, of course, and each of them have many different causes. Rollover accidents are no different.

While it’s true that trying to take a turn too quickly can lead to a rollover, there can often be other contributing factors as well. Someone might hit an icy patch on a road and suddenly lose control, or a distracted driver could cause an SUV driver to have to swerve.

Here are some more common causes of rollover accidents:

  • Poorly maintained roads. Just about every driver has had to try to swerve out of the way of an unexpected pothole. You might have also had trouble keeping control of your car when you hit some uneven pavement you weren’t warned about. When someone is driving an SUV, these kinds of issues can be magnified, and result in a rollover.
  • The vehicle itself. When any sort of vehicle, such as an SUV, sits higher on the road than the regular passenger car, it will be at more of a risk of rolling on its side due to a loss of control.
  •  Impaired or inattentive motorists. Anything that makes a driver swerve suddenly can result in a rollover. This could include trying to avoid a drunk driver, or someone who cuts off a lane because they were using their smartphone while behind the wheel.
  • Excessive speed. Even though almost all motorists will speed at one time or another, this is always dangerous – especially if you’re driving an SUV or another type of high-profile vehicle. If you’re speeding in an SUV and try to make a sharp turn, the resulting rollover could be devastating.

How Defective Parts Contribute to Rollover Accidents

You’d be surprised how many times a rollover accident isn’t anyone’s fault. It occurs because of some sort of vehicular defect.

Someone could suddenly lose their brakes due to faulty design or manufacturing, or a poorly made tire could blow out and result in a rollover. The design of the vehicle itself could be a contributing factor, because the manufacturer decided it would cost too much to provide for a lower center of gravity.

If you have reason to believe some sort of manufacturer’s defect led to your rollover accident, get in touch with Sand Law so we can tell you how we may be able to help.

Common Rollover Accident Injuries

All car accidents can result in debilitating injuries, of course. Rollover accidents can result in long-term brain impairment, as well as broken bones, muscle damage and more. Any time someone is hurt in an accident that isn’t their fault, they may be able to obtain substantial compensation. As you’ll learn later, this is just one of the many reasons why you will need to get the help of an attorney as soon as possible.

Rollover Accidents Can Lead to Fatalities

Tragically, rollover accidents can sometimes lead to death. If you’ve lost a loved one due to an accident caused by the negligence of another driver – or for some other reason, such as a manufacturer’s defect, contact Sand Law to learn more about how we may be able to help.

Damages in a Rollover Accident Claim

Whenever someone is hurt in any sort of vehicular accident, that will lead to losses. These could include money lost because they can’t work, or money they have to pay in order to get the medical treatment they need. These losses are known as damages in legal terms.

The damages referred to above are economic – it’s not that hard to put a monetary value on them. But there are other kinds of damages that are more subjective. They include pain and suffering, emotional issues stemming from an accident, and more. These are referred to as non-economic damages.

At Sand Law, we know how to place a tangible dollar amount on not only economic but also non-economic damages. Once we know the details of your case, and know what kinds of losses you’ve suffered, we will be able to give you at least a general idea of what kind of compensation we may be able to help you pursue.

Why You Need a North Dakota Rollover Crash Attorney

Please get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible if you’ve suffered an injury, or you’ve tragically lost someone you love, due to a rollover accident. At Sand Law, we will work passionately on your behalf in order to obtain the evidence needed to prove your case. Without that proof, there’s no chance you’ll be able to win.

But we’ll also shield you from the harassment of insurance company adjusters. These are skilled professionals who have one goal – to either reduce the amount of money you’ll get from an insurer, or see to it that you get nothing at all. We will work with those adjusters on your behalf and work to force the insurance company into making a fair settlement offer.

Contact a North Dakota Rollover Accident Lawyer Today

You’ve already got enough on your plate trying to recover from your rollover accident injury. The last thing you need to do is to worry about trying to obtain the money you deserve. Leave that to Sand Law.

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