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Horace is a small suburb in the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area in Cass County, North Dakota. Located in Cass County, Horace ranks as the 15th-most populous city in North Dakota. Despite being one of the smallest cities in North Dakota, crimes can still be committed that can lead to severe injuries, emotional trauma, and financial hardship.

Those accused of crimes in Horace need the help of a criminal defense lawyer who can assist them with court proceedings. The criminal defense lawyers at Sand Law have decades of experience helping those accused of crimes in North Dakota. They can use their expertise to develop a legal strategy to help with your case.

What Crimes Can Be Committed in Horace?

Horace residents and visitors can commit crimes that can lead to them being charged or arrested. These can include violent, sexual, financial, property, and white-collar crimes that can affect another person’s physical health, emotional well-being, property, and financial standing.

The following are some crimes you could be charged with in Horace:

How are Crimes Prosecuted in Horace?

Horace crimes can include misdemeanors, which are minor crimes with smaller penalties, and felonies, which are serious crimes that result in years-long prison sentences and steep financial penalties. The severity of the crime will determine how law enforcement and the North Dakota court system prosecute it.

The following are some steps involved in the crime prosecution in Horace:

  • Law enforcement investigates the crime
  • The criminal believed guilty is arrested or summoned to court
  • The discovery process for gathering evidence takes place
  • Jurors are randomly selected
  • Court proceedings occur
  • The accused gets a chance to negotiate a plea agreement
  • The judge decides the verdict
  • A guilty party is sentenced to prison time

How Can a Horace Criminal Defense Lawyer Help With Your Case?

Those accused of crimes in Horace should hire a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer will have a better understanding of criminal defense law than the accused. They can use their experience and expertise to develop a legal defense strategy to help the accused.

Even those just charged with a minor misdemeanor could benefit from the help of a criminal defense lawyer. They can serve as a trusted voice in their corner that can provide better legal counsel than a public defender assigned by the court.

Contact Sand Law for Help With Your Horace Criminal Defense Case

At Sand Law, our criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience helping those charged with crimes in places like Horace. They can use their North Dakota criminal defense expertise to help defend a defendant’s rights and help clear their name of wrongdoing. Contact us for a free criminal case evaluation today at 701-394-5396 or on our online contact page.