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Don’t Let the Holidays Tempt You Into Driving Drunk

13th December 2021

Don’t Let the Holidays Tempt You Into Driving Drunk - Sand Law PLLC - North Dakota DUI DWI Criminal Defense Attorneys

It happens tens thousands of times every year across the country. Someone goes to an office holiday party or some other type of gathering, and wants to fit in by having a couple of drinks – even though they never touch alcohol any other time of the year. The next thing they know, they’re driving along and they see flashing police lights behind them.

Then they’re arrested for DWI and booked into jail. More than likely, they’ll have an interlock device on their car for months to come, and they’ll lose their driver’s license for a long, long time. It can be a truly horrifying position for a lot of people.

Hopefully, this will never happen to you. But if it does, you’ll need to contact Sand Law as fast as possible. We’ve been defending people accused of DWI for years. Just because you’ve been arrested doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guilty. Learn more by using our online form or calling 701-609-1510 for a free case review.

DUIs Are More Common Around the Holidays

Whether you’re just an occasional drinker, or you tend to drink at certain times throughout the year, you really have to be careful during the holidays. Police are out in force, and they’re putting even more of an emphasis on catching impaired drivers.

There is a very good chance that you’ll see sobriety checkpoints set up along certain North Dakota roads. The state Supreme Court ruled that these checkpoints are legal. However, state law also holds that motorists must be given the chance to avoid a checkpoint. As a result, “sobriety checkpoint ahead” signs must be posted in the immediate area.

Why Do People Drive Drunk?

There are a lot of reasons people drive impaired, whether or not they have experience drinking alcohol. When you’re under the influence, your state of mind is obviously not the same as when you’re sober. As a result, you might have a false sense of confidence behind the wheel.

Some people might simply be embarrassed that they’re drunk, and don’t want to ask a sober person for a ride. They might not even remember how many drinks they’ve had, so they assume they haven’t had enough to get inebriated. If people drive drunk on a regular basis, they may, in a certain manner of speaking, feel “bulletproof,” like they can’t be caught.

Tips for Avoiding Drunk Driving During the Holiday Season

Whatever the reason, there really is never an excuse for getting behind the wheel when you’re so drunk you pose a danger to others on the road. The results of doing so could be tragic.

Thankfully, though, there are quite a few things you can do to avoid ever putting yourself in this kind of situation. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Get a Designated Driver

This is probably the easiest thing you could ever do to keep from driving while impaired. If you’re going to a party, bring your designated driver with you if possible. This will even be more important if you don’t typically drink alcohol.

Ask to Stay and Sober Up

If a designated driver isn’t an option, and you’re at someone’s home, see if there’s a chance you can stay overnight so that you’re sober enough to drive. Bring a bag with you that has a toothbrush, toothpaste and whatever else you’ll need the next morning – including a change of clothes.

Of course, that might not be an option if you’re at the home of a person you don’t really know that well. If that’s the case, call a taxi or a rideshare service and keep your car where it is. Yes, it will be inconvenient, but that’s much better than risking an accident or an arrest.

Moderate Your Drinking

If you’re not an experienced drinker, you’ll really have to pace yourself. There are several online sources where you can find out how much you can drink, over what period of time, without getting inebriated.

Also, make sure you have plenty to eat, both before you drink and while you’re consuming alcohol. It will help slow down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol.

Steps to Take After Being Pulled Over for a DUI During the Holidays

If you should be pulled over for suspicion of DUI, it will be very important that you gather yourself and don’t panic. As scary as it may be, composure will be critically important. Here are some things to keep in mind, from the time you’re pulled over to the time you’re potentially taken into custody.

  • Stay cool. You’ll have to remember that everything you do is being videoed. The calmer you remain, the better the chances that your charges could potentially be dropped. Use your turn indicator and find the safest place to pull over your car and stop completely.
  • Watch what you say. Keep what you say to an absolute minimum – give the officer your name, and then provide your license, insurance card and registration. You are under no obligation to say anything to anyone. In fact, as the old saying goes, “whatever you say can and will be used against you.”
  • Keep detailed notes. This is going to be a very scary time, but again, even if you are arrested you don’t need to immediately assume you’ll be found guilty of DUI. Keep detailed notes on everything that happens. Note whether or not you were read your rights, the behavior of the officer, what you drank and how much, and anything else you might think will be pertinent. This could go a long way toward providing the evidence you’ll need to prove you’re innocent.

Contact an Experienced North Dakota DUI Attorney If You’re Arrested for Driving Drunk this Christmas

There’s never a good time to be arrested for a DUI, of course. But it’s even worse to be arrested during the holidays. The attorneys with Sand Law sincerely hope this doesn’t happen to you. If it does, however, we’ll be ready to help if we can.

We’ll work to gather the evidence needed to make your case as strong as possible. If you were wrongly arrested, we’ll do what we can to clear your name. Our attorneys may also be able to contest the suspension of your license.

To learn more or schedule a free consultation, contact Sand Law online or call 701-609-1510 as soon as you can.