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5 Oilfield Accident Facts You Should Know - Sand Law PLLC - Fargo Minot North Dakota Personal Injury Workplace Construction Site Accident Attorneys 5 Oilfield Accident Facts You Should Know

18th February 2024

When most people think of dangerous occupations, construction work is probably one of the first that comes to mind. But oilfield work is just as risky, if not more. Companies are trying to squeeze even more profits out of their workers. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on workers in the process. Just one… Read more »

Oil field worker in orange hard hat and vest fixes pipe Emergency Response: The Critical Steps After an Oil Field Accident

17th February 2024

Summary Taking essential steps after an oil field accident can help protect your ability to seek workers’ compensation benefits. The oil and gas industry is dangerous, and accidents put oil workers at a higher risk for serious injury. Oil field accidents can leave injured workers with physical, emotional, and financial damages, and obtaining fair compensation… Read more »

Police officer has pulled over a motorist and is using his flashlight to check the back seat Understanding Search and Seizure Laws: What Every Citizen Should Know

7th February 2024

Summary Search and seizure laws exist to protect citizens from abuses of law enforcement power. To search your property or person, law enforcement must first obtain a search warrant. There are some circumstances in which law enforcement doesn’t need a search warrant, but the requirements are very strict. If your rights have been violated, an… Read more »

The Hazards of Truck Accidents in the Oil and Gas Industry - Sand Law PLLC The Hazards of Truck Accidents in the Oil and Gas Industry

27th January 2024

Summary The hazards of truck accidents in the oil and gas industry are far too prevalent, leading to severe injuries and fatalities. Fatigue, negligent loading, inadequate training, and equipment failures contribute to these accidents. A skilled truck accident attorney can help victims pursue compensation avenues other than worker’s compensation. For some, working in the oil… Read more »

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit - Sand Law PLLC Who Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

22nd January 2024

Summary The family members who can file a wrongful death lawsuit, in order, are the spouse, children, and then parents or grandparents. If there are no immediate living family members or no family members choose to take legal action, the deceased’s personal representative may file a lawsuit. A wrongful death attorney can fight for a… Read more »

Can a Passenger in a Car Accident File an Injury Claim - Sand Law PLLC Can a Passenger in a Car Accident File an Injury Claim?

15th January 2024

Summary The passenger in a car accident has rights that an experienced attorney can help seek compensation for. Passengers have the same rights as drivers when hurt in a car accident. Obtaining compensation can pose a challenge due to multiple insurance policies, comparative negligence, and other complexities. A skilled car accident attorney can navigate those… Read more »

Important News about Drinking and Driving - Sand Law PLLC Important News about Drinking and Driving

12th January 2024

Summary Stay up to date with the latest important news about drinking and driving. Texas implemented “Bentley’s Law” (House Bill 303), compelling drunk drivers convicted of killing parents to pay child support. The law, effective since September 1, 2023, mandates payments starting a year after release from prison until the victim’s children turn 18. Other… Read more »

Is it Okay to Drive After Only Two Drinks - Sand Law PLLC North Dakota DUI DWI Criminal Defense Attorney Is it Okay to Drive After Only Two Drinks?

20th December 2023

Summary: Many factors determine how many drinks it takes someone to be too drunk to drive. Even though you might assume it’s okay to drive after a couple of drinks, you could be more impaired than you think. If you rely on a personal breathalyzer to decide whether or not to drive, you need to… Read more »

Legal Challenges in Car Accidents During Severe Weather Conditions

14th December 2023

Summary: Car accidents during severe weather often create significant legal complications. Insurance companies often claim the at-fault driver couldn’t avoid an accident due to weather conditions. Skilled attorneys know how to gather evidence to defeat an insurer’s bad-faith arguments. Taking the proper steps after an accident can protect an injury victim’s health and help them… Read more »