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Police officer has pulled over a motorist and is using his flashlight to check the back seat Understanding Search and Seizure Laws: What Every Citizen Should Know

7th February 2024

Summary Search and seizure laws exist to protect citizens from abuses of law enforcement power. To search your property or person, law enforcement must first obtain a search warrant. There are some circumstances in which law enforcement doesn’t need a search warrant, but the requirements are very strict. If your rights have been violated, an… Read more »

What is a Class C Felony?

9th November 2023

A Class C felony is an offense the law considers more severe than a misdemeanor yet not as serious as other felonies. Examples include possession of a small amount of an illegal drug, minor forms of assault, and others. Punishments for different types of Class C offenses can vary significantly. A conviction can cause significant… Read more »

DUI Defense Attorney Answers Is a field sobriety test accurate for drunk driving - Sand Law PLLC North Dakota DUI DWI Criminal Defense Attorney Blood, Breath, and Tears: Challenging the Accuracy of DUI Testing Methods

4th September 2023

In many states, including North Dakota, field sobriety tests are responsible for helping law enforcement determine whether someone has been drinking. For example, some common types of field sobriety tests include: Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test One-Leg Stand Test Walk and Turn Test Finger to Nose Test The Romberg Balance Test The above tests are considered… Read more »

Mistakes to Avoid After Arrest: A Legal Perspective

14th August 2023

The attorneys with Sand Law would like to share some common mistakes to avoid after arrest. If you choose our firm, we’ll do everything we can to provide you with the best defense possible. While we can’t make any promises, we guarantee we’ll work passionately to either reduce your charges or see that the court… Read more »

How to Build a Successful Defense Against Criminal Charges

5th June 2023

Since the stakes are so high when it comes to criminal charges, you’ll want an attorney who can implement a sound defense strategy. A skilled lawyer can plant a seed of doubt in a jury’s mind in many ways. If jury members can’t find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they can’t convict you. The… Read more »

How Social Media Can Affect Your Criminal Case

26th April 2023

In the age of social media, it’s easy to forget that our online activity is not as private as we might think. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all designed to connect us with others, and they offer a wealth of information that can be used against us in a criminal case. If you’re… Read more »

Reasons Your Criminal Case Could Be Thrown Out in Court

15th April 2023

As a criminal defendant, having your case thrown out is one of the best outcomes you could hope for. However, this isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. The court can throw out a criminal case for various reasons, but you’ll need a skilled attorney to make it happen. The following is a look at some… Read more »

Laws that Protect You if You’re Pulled Over - Sand Law PLLC Minot Fargo North Dakota Criminal Defense DUI DWI Attorneys Your Legal Rights if You’re Pulled Over in Fargo

17th October 2022

Being pulled over is obviously a frightening situation for anyone. But you should know that there are laws that protect your legal rights when you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer. You may be worried about the possibility of being arrested, while the officer won’t be completely sure whether or not you’re a… Read more »

Should You Take a Lie Detector Test to Prove Your Innocence - Sand Law PLLC North Dakota Criminal Defense Attorneys Should You Take a Lie Detector Test to Prove Your Innocence?

21st April 2022

If you’ve been arrested and you know you’re innocent, you’ll likely be willing to do whatever it takes to prove it – even if that means taking a polygraph, or lie detector test. Whether you’re facing a charge of having committed a financial crime,drug trafficking, a property crime or anything else, you might feel desperate… Read more »