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Woman holding her neck in pain from whiplash after a Grand Forks car accidentFor the best chance of recovering fair compensation after a Grand Forks auto accident caused by another party, hire a capable car accident lawyer to represent you.


  • Car accidents in Grand Forks can result in devastating injuries that leave survivors struggling to afford their medical bills and car repairs.
  • Local legal assistance is crucial in a Grand Forks car accident lawsuit to ensure the liable party is held accountable.
  • Seeking compensation through car accident claims can help cover expenses like medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages, especially for severe injuries.
  • North Dakota requires motor vehicle owners to have car insurance, with minimum coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury protection.
  • The car accident claims process involves filing first-party claims with your insurance and potentially third-party claims with the at-fault party’s insurance, with a Grand Forks car accident attorney handling the negotiation of your settlement and any trial proceedings.

Car accidents can inflict significant damage both physically and financially to people who become involved in collisions to no fault of their own. Coping with the aftermath of a car accident caused by another’s negligent actions can be frustrating. However, car accident claims offer an avenue of restitution for the harm inflicted by a collision.

Car accident lawsuits provide many people injured in Grand Forks car accidents the compensation necessary to help offset expenses like medical bills and lost wages. Many also face diminished quality of life due to severe injuries like traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage due to car accidents that they can seek compensation for as well.

This process can help you after your motor vehicle collision. However, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of an experienced North Dakota car accident lawyer before you begin. Our skilled team at Sand Law PLLC can be reached at (701) 394-4744, or you can fill out a form on our contact page to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable Grand Forks car accident attorney.

Why Sand Law is the Best Choice For Your Grand Forks Car Accident Lawsuit

Grand Forks, North Dakota, is a vibrant city with a population of approximately 58,000 residents. Known for its welcoming community and strong sense of Midwestern hospitality, Grand Forks offers a range of attractions and amenities for locals and visitors alike.

The city is renowned for its rich cultural scene, including art galleries, theaters, and museums. Additionally, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy recreational activities along the scenic Red River and adjacent Greenway. Grand Forks is also home to the University of North Dakota, adding a youthful energy to the city.

Major roads and interstates serving the area include Interstate 29, which runs north-south, and U.S. Route 2, an east-west route connecting the city to other parts of the state. Whether you were injured in a Grand Forks car accident on a local street or highway, Sand Law can help.

Sand Law PLLC is a personal injury law firm that has successfully represented car accident victims in the state of North Dakota from Grand Forks to Williston for years now. Our car accident lawyers and staff have assisted hundreds of clients with their pursuit of fair compensation.

As a result, Sand Law has attained a reputation as a law practice that gets clients results. Our proven process of advocating for our clients and the dedication our team has to help those injured in car accidents has brought the record of success our firm is known for.

What is a Car Accident Claim?

North Dakota law requires that motor vehicle owners have car insurance. The minimum auto insurance coverage North Dakota drivers are expected to have under state law are:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 for bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 for property damage liability per accident
  • $30,000 for personal injury protection (PIP) or no-fault
  • $25,000 for uninsured motorist coverage per person
  • $50,000 for uninsured motorist coverage per
  • $25,000 underinsured motorist coverage per person
  • $50,000 underinsured motorist coverage per accident

This insurance coverage is available to whoever is driving the car as well as passengers. Since North Dakota is a no-fault state, this coverage is available regardless of who caused the auto accident. PIP claims can be filed after a car accident to get coverage. They will provide some financial relief, but in many cases, it is not enough to cover the full scope of damages.

It is in these cases, that those injured in North Dakota car accidents can file third-party car accident claims with the insurance of the other party involved in the accident to seek additional coverage for their damages.

Unfortunately, this additional coverage is not provided regardless of fault. Injured drivers can face obstacles as a result when the other driver denies any wrongdoing and the insurance company is resistant to providing coverage.

The North Dakota Car Accident Injury Claims Process

Before you consider filing a Grand Forks car accident injury claim it is imperative that you seek medical treatment in the aftermath of your accident. Many make the mistake of foregoing a trip to their physician because they do not display obvious symptoms due to a temporary adrenaline surge, or because they believe their symptoms are too mild.

Getting treatment as soon as possible does have an impact on the outcome of your personal injury claim. Waiting too long to see a doctor or not seeing one at all after a Grand Forks auto accident can negatively affect your credibility when seeking compensation for car accident injuries down the line.

Filing a car accident injury claim to seek compensation for related damages is not a simple or short process. This is why it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of an experienced North Dakota car accident attorney.

There is a limited time frame for filing a car accident claim and waiting too long and missing the deadline will disqualify you from seeking compensation with a claim. In North Dakota, the statute of limitations or legal time limit for filing a car accident injury claim is six years from the date of the car accident.

Filing a Third-Party Car Accident Injury Claim

After filing a first-party claim with your own car insurance and exhausting their coverage you will then start to seek coverage from the at-fault party’s insurance with a third-party claim. With your car accident injury lawyer’s assistance, you will draft and send a demand letter informing the insurance company of your intent.

They will start their side of the process by having an insurance adjuster evaluate your claim. The insurance company is not interested in providing you with a fair settlement to cover the full value of your damages, no matter how friendly they may seem.

They have a fiduciary responsibility to their stockholders to make a profit which means paying out as little as possible to those seeking coverage. They will do everything they can to limit the amount you get in a settlement.

Insurance companies may try to avoid paying you by lowballing you and finding any loophole or issue with the credibility of your claim regardless of its legitimacy. Your Grand Forks car accident lawyer will work with you to negotiate a fair settlement and make sure the insurance company does not take advantage of you.

Car Accident Injury Settlements and Trials

The majority of car accident claims will result in a settlement with the insurance company after some negotiations where both sides will essentially haggle the amount based on evidence they provide to leverage what they believe to be a fair amount. The car accident claims process is not perfect but is ideal when compared to the alternative.

Filing a Grand Forks Car Accident Injury Lawsuit

In some cases, the insurance company will be obstinate in any attempt to negotiate a settlement and refuse to meet a claimant’s demands. If an impasse is reached in these negotiations then a claimant will be forced to file a Grand Forks auto accident lawsuit against the insurance company. Then, the parties will resolve the dispute in court.

Insurance companies will mostly want to reach a settlement out of court and payout after some negotiation. The process of going to court and having a formal trial in the civil justice system is a significantly more expensive and time-consuming prospect.

Insurance companies may put up enough resistance in negotiations so that a car accident lawsuit is necessary when a claim lacks evidence or when damages they have to pay are exceedingly high.

Car Accident Injury Lawsuit Trials

As mentioned before, the civil trial process is significantly longer than filing and settling a car accident injury claim. Filing a Grand Forks car accident lawsuit starts with the plaintiff filing a complaint with the court which consists of the basic facts of the case such as the parties involved, the nature of the dispute, and sought damages.

With the personal injury lawsuit formally initiated, both parties will begin the discovery process. This stage is when they will gather and exchange all the necessary evidence and information on the dispute. This will include depositions, witness lists, documentation, and more.

Throughout the entire pretrial process, there will be additional opportunities for the involved parties to negotiate and reach a settlement. Mediation between the two parties will hopefully find a compromise as both parties see the whole picture through discovery.

If this fails then a trial will occur in court. Then, a judge and jury will hear the plaintiff’s and defendant’s cases. With the help of the jury, the judge will reach a verdict. Their decision will dictate whether or not the defendant has an obligation to pay the plaintiff a court award to cover the car accident injury damages in question.

Understanding North Dakota Car Accident Causes

Car accidents are often caused by the negligent actions of one or more parties that fail to take proper caution when operating their vehicle. The reasons for reckless driving behaviors vary, but the results are almost always harmful. Your Grand Forks car accident claim will hinge on the other party’s negligence and how they caused the auto accident. Otherwise, you have no case.

The following are the most common ways another party will cause a North Dakota car accident:

Common Types of Grand Forks Auto Accident

The following are the most common types of car accidents we see in our cases. The type of car accident can influence the type of injuries, damages, and evidence involved in your case. The involvement of vehicles like motorcycles and commercial tractor-trailers can also have an impact on your case.

Car Accident Injuries Associated With North Dakota Crashes

Your car accident injuries are the main reason you will be filing a car accident claim. Car accident injuries need to cause significant damages expensive enough to justify the investment of time and effort that go into your case. Depending on the type of injuries you sustain, you may have to account for different damages, evidence, and approaches to settling your case.

Car Accident Damages in a Grand Forks Personal Injury Claim

The losses sustained due to your car accident injuries are known as damages and will comprise the value of your settlement. Damages vary from case to case and require thorough calculation with the help of an expert to determine their full value.

A Grand Forks car accident lawyer can assist you in determining the full scope of damages you suffered. Additionally, they can help point out losses you may not have considered. Your car accident injury damages will fall into two categories: either economic or non-economic damages.

Economic damages are financial losses related to your injury. Their values can be determined by using receipts, bills, or the help of an economist. Non-economic damages like pain and suffering are more subjective losses related to car accident injuries. Common car accident injury damages can include the following.

  • Medical Bills
    • Surgery
    • Medication
    • Ambulance fees
    • Medical imaging
    • Lab tests
    • Future appointments
    • Physical therapy
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost Career Opportunity
  • Property damage
  • Pain and Suffering

The Advantages of Having a Grand Forks Car Accident Lawyer Advocate For You

Seeking the assistance of an experienced North Dakota car accident lawyer can mean the difference between getting a fair settlement to cover your damages and getting a subpar settlement or even nothing at all. A car accident lawyer represents your interests.

Their job is to facilitate negotiating a fair settlement from the insurance company using their expertise, resources, and negotiating skills. Without a car accident lawyer and their negotiating tactics, you will have to negotiate with an insurance company with more knowledge, experience, and resources than you.

They will not hesitate to take advantage of your ignorance of the process to avoid paying you what you deserve. Your car accident lawyer will handle all interactions with the insurance company. Additionally, their presence will signal to the insurance company that your case is to be taken seriously. They can also help you avoid stressful situations during the personal injury claims process.

A Grand Forks car accident lawyer will provide invaluable resources to investigate your claim and gather evidence. Additionally, they will build your case so they have sufficient leverage to avoid a trial and negotiate a satisfactory settlement. A good auto accident lawyer will have the ability to handle trial and win in court, should the need arise.

Speak With an Expert Grand Forks Car Accident Attorney From Sand Law Today

Sand Law is now providing clients across North Dakota with award-winning legal representation. Our team can help you too if you have been harmed in a Grand Forks car accident by no fault of your own. Significant injuries obtained through motor vehicle collisions don’t have to ruin your life.

Filing a car accident claim with the help of Sand Law PLLC’s North Dakota personal injury attorneys can get you the settlement you need. Once you have recovered compensation to cover your damages, you can focus on getting your life back together.

Contact Sand Law about your North Dakota car accident lawsuit and set up a free consultation. You can either call our Grand Forks, North Dakota office at (701) 394-4744, or you can fill out a form on our contact page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a North Dakota car accident lawsuit take?

A car accident injury claim and lawsuit are not disputes that are typically resolved quickly. Lawsuits take significantly longer to see through than claims, with many personal injury lawsuits taking several years to conclude.

Regarding North Dakota car accident lawsuits, since each cases’ details are different, the time it takes to get compensation varies. To get an idea of how long your car accident claim or lawsuit may take, schedule a consultation with a Grand Forks car accident lawyer. Then, they can evaluate your situation and give you a rough estimate.

How much money can I get from a Grand Forks auto accident lawsuit?

The value of a settlement attained through a Grand Forks personal injury claim depends entirely on the damages you suffered as a result of your car accident injuries. You can only seek damages for the losses you suffered caused by a motor vehicle accident.

North Dakota car accidents cause different injuries and damages that affect people differently. There is no general dollar value for all car accident lawsuits, let alone car accident lawsuits based on type of accident or injury.

A broken hand can have different financial ramifications for different people based on factors like age or career. This results in different damages and settlement values. Talk to a Grand Forks car accident lawyer to begin the process of evaluating the full scope of damages you may be entitled to claim in your car accident case.

What does a North Dakota car accident lawyer charge?

Car accident lawyers typically work for a contingency fee instead of charging per hour or demanding an upfront payment. A contingent fee is a percentage taken out of the compensation they get for you once the case is over. This percentage is usually around 33% but can vary.

The fee is a percentage of the compensation your personal injury lawyer gets for you. Consequently, they get nothing if they fail. You only owe your Grand Forks auto accident lawyer if they are successful in ensuring a substantial settlement. This is in their best interest as well.