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Fargo Third DUI Defense Lawyers

If you receive a third DUI in North Dakota, you’re on the edge of spending a long time in prison. If you get a fourth, you’ll be facing felony charges. The stakes have never been higher, so you must take this seriously.

A Fargo DUI attorney with Sand Law is ready to protect your rights. Our law firm has extensive experience in this area of law, and we’ll do everything we can to try and reduce whatever penalties you face. We’ll also work to have your case dismissed entirely if possible. You can schedule a free consultation by calling 701-609-1510 or using our online contact form.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol in North Dakota

DUI charges occur when a driver has a blood alcohol content level of .08% or more. However, many illegal drugs, such as cocaine, LSD, marijuana, heroin, and others, can also result in a DUI arrest.

How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record?

The state of North Dakota looks back seven years when establishing penalties for repeat offenders. If your second DUI were eight years ago, your penalties wouldn’t be as harsh as if that other DUI occurred seven or fewer years back. If you receive a fourth DUI, however, there is no so-called “look back” period that means you’ll more than likely face the harshest penalties possible.

Penalties After a Third DUI

Make no mistake, though. The penalties for a third DUI in North Dakota are severe, and the following sections will show you more.

License Revocation

The time you lose your license will depend on your BAC during your arrest. You’d lose it for two years if it were less than 18%, and if it was higher, then you’ll lose it for three years. You may also need an IID (ignition interlock device) placed on your vehicle before you can drive again.


The minimum fine for a third DUI is $2,000.

Jail Time

The standard jail sentence is four months or 120 days.


You may be eligible for reduced jail time if you complete a 24/7 sobriety program and a substance abuse evaluation and go into a rehab program. Your attorney will be able to let you know whether you’ll be eligible.

Understanding Your Rights When You’ve Been Pulled Over

If you’re pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI), it’s essential to understand your rights. First, you have the right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. You don’t have to answer questions beyond providing your name and driver’s license. You also have the right to refuse to take a field sobriety test or a preliminary breath test. However, you may be required to take a chemical test, such as a breathalyzer or blood test, and refusing this test may result in additional penalties.

Even more importantly, you have the right to legal representation. Also, you’re protected from any unreasonable search of your property or yourself and any unreasonable seizure of your property.

Steps to Take After a DUI Arrest

You should take several essential steps to protect yourself and your legal rights.

  • First, consult an experienced DUI lawyer who can advise you on your legal options and guide you through the legal process.
  • Second, you should gather any evidence that may help your case, such as witness statements, photographs, or video footage. This evidence can help build a defense against DUI charges.
  • Third, you should attend all court hearings and follow any instructions the court or your attorney gives. Failure to do so may result in additional penalties.

The Broader Implications of a Third DUI Conviction

A third DUI conviction carries more than just legal penalties. The personal and professional ramifications can be profound. Relationships may be strained due to the stigma associated with multiple DUIs. Professionally, individuals might face challenges in securing employment, especially if driving is a job requirement.

Future job prospects can also be limited, as many employers conduct background checks. Additionally, a third DUI can lead to increased insurance premiums and even challenges in securing housing. Recognizing these broader implications underscores the importance of seeking experienced legal representation.

How Can a DUI Defense Attorney Help You?

If officers violated your rights or committed an error during or after your arrest, the court could potentially dismiss your case. Someone could have spiked your drink, possibly invalidating the arrest. Your attorney will closely examine the circumstances and look for a way to help you avoid facing the potential of jail time and hefty fines.

Ways to Prevent a Fourth DUI

As you’ve already learned, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can result in severe consequences, including fines, jail time, and your driver’s license suspension. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent a DUI and ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

First and foremost, you should never drink and drive. If you plan on consuming alcohol, have a designated driver, use a ride-sharing service, or take public transportation. Alternatively, consider staying overnight at a nearby hotel or calling a taxi.

Of course, the best way to avoid another DUI is to commit to not drinking if you’re out. While making that commitment can be much easier said than done, it will definitely be worth the effort.

Embracing Support and Rehabilitation After a DUI Arrest

Beyond the legal ramifications of a DUI, it’s essential to address any underlying issues that might have contributed to the arrest. Whether it’s alcohol addiction, mental health challenges, or other factors, seeking support and rehabilitation can be a crucial step toward recovery.

In Fargo, there are various programs and support groups available to help individuals address these challenges. Engaging with these resources not only benefits the individual but can also be viewed favorably by the court, potentially leading to reduced penalties or alternative sentencing options.

The DUI Process in Fargo, North Dakota

Being arrested for a DUI can be an overwhelming experience. Understanding the process can provide some clarity. After an arrest, individuals are typically booked and may have their blood alcohol content tested. A court date is then set, during which the accused can plead guilty or not guilty.

If pleading not guilty, the case may go to trial, where evidence is presented and a verdict is determined. Throughout this process, having a knowledgeable attorney is crucial to ensure one’s rights are protected and to navigate the complexities of the legal system.

Contact Sand Law to Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

The Fargo DUI attorneys with Sand Law have extensive experience in DUI defense and can provide valuable assistance. We understand that facing DUI charges can be stressful and overwhelming, and we’re here to help guide you through the legal process and protect your legal rights.

We’ll provide legal counsel and advice throughout your case, helping you understand the charges against you, the potential consequences, and your legal options. We can also help you gather evidence and build a strong defense against the DUI charges.

Our firm can also represent you in court, advocating on your behalf and presenting your case to the judge or jury. We understand the nuances of DUI law, which can be complex and challenging to navigate without legal assistance.

We can also negotiate with prosecutors and work to mitigate the potential consequences of a DUI conviction. These services may include negotiating for reduced charges or penalties or exploring alternative sentencing options, such as community service or rehabilitation programs.

Ultimately, we aim to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case and move forward with your life. We understand the impact a DUI conviction can have on your future, and we’re here to provide support and guidance every step of the way. Contact us online or call 701-609-1510 for a free case review.