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Wahpeton is a southeastern North Dakota city known for its outdoor attractions and rich cultural museums. People living or visiting Wahpeton must know the laws to avoid causing a crime that can lead to significant physical, sexual, or financial harm.

Some crimes that can occur in Wahpeton include murder, vehicular manslaughter, trespassing, drug possession, credit card fraud, etc. The criminal defense lawyers at Sand Law can help you develop a legal defense plan to get acquitted of a Wahpeton criminal charge.

Common Wahpeton Crimes That Could Lead to a Criminal Charge

People living in Wahpeton can commit crimes that can leave them contending with significant financial penalties and possible imprisonment. Wahpeton residents can commit two types of crimes: misdemeanors and felonies. A misdemeanor is a minor criminal charge, whereas a felony is a serious charge normally reserved for violent crimes.

The following are some crimes you could be charged with in Wahpeton:

What Should You Do After Being Charged With a Crime in Wahpeton?

Those accused of Wahpeton crimes must consider acting in a way that can help with their acquittal. This involves complying with law enforcement, paying any fines as soon as possible, and speaking to an attorney about the details of your case.

The following are some steps you should take after being charged with a crime in Wahpeton:

  • Invoke your Miranda Rights
  • Follow the orders of law enforcement
  • Do not speak about specific details of the case without a criminal defense attorney
  • Speak to a Wahpeton criminal defense attorney
  • Write down the essential details of your criminal case
  • Do not reveal details of the case with friends and family
  • Prevent using social media to talk about your criminal case
  • Pay financial penalties

Hiring a Wahpeton Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help With Your Case

Wahpeton residents charged with crimes should hire a criminal defense lawyer. You could experience a lot of stress and confusion after a criminal charge, especially if you feel you did not do what you are accused of. A criminal defense lawyer can help shut out the noise and help you sort through the details of the accusation.

They can also help you craft a legal defense plan that can put you in a position to potentially get exonerated of the criminal charge. Other ways an experienced criminal defense attorney can help include collecting evidence, speaking to witnesses, handling court proceedings, and negotiating a plea agreement.

Contact Sand Law for Help With Your Wahpeton Criminal Defense Case

At Sand Law, our Wahpeton criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience helping those accused of violent, financial, and property crimes. They can use their experience in handling court proceedings and discovery to help you develop a successful legal counsel plan. Contact us for a free consultation today at 701-394-5396 or on our online contact page.