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Valley City, ND Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Valley City is a smaller city in Barnes County, North Dakota known for the Sheyenne River and Medicine Wheel Park. Those living and visiting Valley City can commit misdemeanor and felony crimes. These include driving while under the influence, sexual abuse, drug possession, trespassing, and murder.

If you were accused of a crime in Valley City, a criminal defense lawyer can help you combat the charge and clear your name in the court of law. The Valley City criminal defense lawyers at Sand Law have decades of criminal defense experience in North Dakota and can use their expertise to help you develop a successful legal counsel defense plan.

What is Considered a Crime in Valley City?

Residents of Valley City will need a criminal defense plan when they are accused of a misdemeanor or felony. A crime is any act that violates one of North Dakota’s laws. These acts ordinarily expose others to physical, financial, emotional, or sexual harm.

What penalties someone could see for a Valley City crime depends on what type of crime they commit. A misdemeanor is a minor crime that will require less than a year in jail, whereas a felony is a serious crime that could lead to multiple years in prison and thousands of dollars in financial fines.

What Should You Do After a Valley City Criminal Charge?

Following a misdemeanor or felony charge in Valley City, the police will likely take you to the station, and you could face jail time while awaiting a trial. During this time, there are many steps you should take to help with the process and many things you should avoid to prevent mistakes that can harm your case.

The following are some steps you should take after being charged with a crime in Valley City:

  • Invoke your Miranda Rights
  • Comply with orders provided by law enforcement
  • Do not speak to law enforcement about specific details of the case without a criminal defense attorney
  • Speak to a Valley City criminal defense attorney
  • Jot down the crucial details of your Valley City criminal case
  • Avoid talking about details of the case with friends and family
  • Do not use social media to talk about your criminal case
  • Pay financial penalties

How Can Hiring a Valley City Criminal Defense Lawyer Help With Your Case?

After getting arrested on criminal charges, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. An experienced Valley City criminal defense attorney will understand North Dakota laws for criminal charges. They can use their significant experience to help you reduce penalties for your misdemeanor or felony.

They can help gather evidence, interview eyewitnesses or expert witnesses, handle the discovery process efficiently, take care of court proceedings, and negotiate a plea agreement. Your best chance for reducing your criminal punishment is with the help of a Valley City criminal defense lawyer.

Contact Sand Law for Help With Your Valley City Criminal Defense Case

The criminal defense lawyers at Sand Law will have your best interest in mind when developing strategies for clearing your name. They will keep in constant contact with you to develop a personalized legal counsel plan that can help you receive an acquittal for your criminal charge. Contact us for a free consultation today at 701-394-5396 or on our online contact page.