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Lincoln is one of the smallest cities in North Dakota, with just over 4,000 residents. However, the small number of people living there does not mean there aren’t issues with crimes. Lincoln residents can commit violent, property, financial, and white-collar crimes that can lead to severe punishments.

Those accused of misdemeanor and felony crimes in Lincoln need a defense plan to prevent spending years in prison and having to pay thousands of dollars in fines. Sand Law’s criminal defense attorneys have decades of experience helping North Dakota civilians combat criminal charges to clear their names of wrongdoing.

What Wrongful Acts in Lincoln Can Lead to a Criminal Charge?

A criminal act is one in which you can expose other people to physical harm or financial hardship. People in Lincoln can commit crimes that they could be held liable for by law enforcement. They can experience penalties for misdemeanors and felonies in the form of financial fines and imprisonment.

The following are some crimes you could be charged with in Lincoln:

How Can You Clear Your Name of a Crime in Lincoln?

After getting arrested for a crime in Lincoln, your reputation can take a hit. Your picture and story may appear in the news or in local papers, meaning those living near you may view you as a criminal regardless of if you did it or not. You can also experience heavy punishment for your accused crimes, such as prison time or fines.

You can prove your innocence to avoid these punishments by collecting evidence proving you were not where the crime was committed, had nothing to do with the crime, or are being wrongfully framed. A prosecuting attorney must prove you committed the crime and intended to do so. You must collect evidence proving the opposite to clear your name.

Should You Hire a Lincoln Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Lincoln accused criminals should hire a criminal defense lawyer. They will know how crimes are prosecuted in Lincoln, what North Dakota laws can affect your case, and how to put you in the best position to clear your name.

Some ways an experienced Lincoln criminal defense attorney can help you include gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, handling court proceedings, and negotiating a plea agreement.

Contact Sand Law for Help With Your Lincoln Criminal Defense Case

The Lincoln criminal defense lawyers at Sand Law understand how criminal charges are prosecuted in North Dakota. They can use their decades of experience in criminal defense to develop a successful legal counsel plan to help minimize the penalties for a misdemeanor or felony. Contact us for a free consultation today at 701-394-5396 or on our online contact page.