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North Dakota Lien, Contract, and Business Lawyers

17th October 2017 | BIll Sand

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sand law nd imageOver the past decade, Western North Dakota witnessed a massive expansion in population, construction, and oil production. This growth gave rise to thousands of new corporation filling needs across the Bakken oil field and the state itself. From roustabout and pipeline services to residential construction and commercial leasing, Sand Law grown to service all of their clients’ needs. The following is a breakdown of our services:

Recovering Damages for Breach of Contract

Unfortunately, even with a solid contract in place, deals may fall through. Sand Law’s aggressive civil litigation team has built a reputation for recovering losses for our clients in a wide variety of cases. Whether dealing with an insurance company refusing to cover a livestock theft, a builder refusing to address defective construction, embezzlement by a business partner, or any other host of business claims, our team of trial lawyers has the combination of legal expertise and practical know-how to reach a favorable resolution.

Our business attorneys also provide efficient and effective residential lease management services, including eviction proceedings. Sand Law is trusted by many management companies to ensure that their high-demand rental units remain profitable with a minimal turn-around time.


In North Dakota, a contractor has the right to place a mechanic’s lien on a property, building, or piece of equipment as a way to secure payment for labor, skill, or material furnished to improve the property or equipment. A lien prevents the property from being sold, and can be very effective as a means to compel payment of the debt. However, it is not uncommon for a lien to be improperly attached, or to be attached as part of a legal or contract dispute.

Sand Law has extensive experience in defending against improper liens and working with the County authorities or the lien-holder to remove the lien. Additionally, our attorneys have successfully attached liens to satisfy breaches of contract against our clients. If you are dealing with a lien, whether attached to a residence or business assets, or if you need to attach a lien to recover payments for your services, we can help.

Incorporation and Contract Formation

Air-tight legal incorporation and contract formation are the foundation of any successful business enterprise. This is especially true in western North Dakota. High turnover and the steady influx of new businesses create opportunities for profit but also carry risk for business owners. Our business formation lawyers understand the importance of moving quickly on new opportunities and have the experience to ensure that your business is properly positioned to move forward without unnecessary exposure to risk.

Incorporating your business with limited liability protection is the first step to making sure your personal assets are not jeopardized by your business ventures, regardless of downturns in the economy or other losses. Our expertise in North Dakota business formation will safeguard that your business is established on solid ground.

Many business owners working in the Bakken have relied on so-called “handshake” deals with contractors and service providers. On one hand, this is understandable. Opportunities arise quickly, and deals need to be made to take advantage of them. Oftentimes, you are doing business with people you have worked with in the past and expect to continue working with in the future. Getting lawyers involved to formalize the deal may seem unnecessary. However, proceeding without a contract can result in serious future losses.

Financial damages add up quickly, whether they result from a missed trucking shipment or a construction defect. A well-designed contract is the best way to ensure that your business will be able to recover if a contractor fails you. The attorneys at Sand Law have tailored contracts in all areas of business, including real estate, transportation, oil services, and construction, and can custom build a contract solution for you.

With an established presence in Watford City, Williston, Minot, and Bismarck – we are strategically placed to provide premier service for our clients at all stages of business operation. Call today to speak with an attorney for a free case evaluation.


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